Pointers on my Fitness Preparation Schedule Please!

I have been trying to prepare for Basic. I am 24 going on 25 in May and leave for BCT at the end of March. I was hoping I could get some pointers/suggestions/criticism on my current fitness schedule:

Minimum of 3 days a week/Maximum of 5 I run at least a mile and at most a mile and a half (just recently) within about 9 minutes for one mile. I do this each time I work out and it is the first part of my exercise.

Then after running I either do arms, chest and back or legs for about 45 minutes.

Then I either go home or play a few games of Racquet Ball for about 30-60 minutes.

In the morning, sometimes in the afternoon, and before bed I try to do 15 push-ups and 40 crunches. I haven't been timing how long those take me but probably should.

Is this enough to prepare me for BCT??? Should I be doing more of something/less? Anything I didn't mention that would benefit me as well?

I appreciate any input.

Also, how can I train myself to focus better. I have a problem with drifting off when someone is talking and it is going to hurt me a lot if I can't get it under control.

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First of all you sound more motivated than I did before I joined by starting to prep yourself beforehand. As far as the PT program, I suggest you run after your upper and lower body exercises. If you have the time I suggest you run 2 miles everyday to get your body used to the distance. You didn't say how many push-ups you can do at one time, but you need to strive for at least 40 for your age. Also, don't worry so much with crunches. You need to be practicing sit-ups instead; preferably around 50 at one time.
I agree with white26golf, you need to run more then a mile. If you can try to, run some hills, that really helps with your stamina and speed. However as for as push-ups the minimum for our age bracket is 42 push-ups and about 53 situps but you never want to strive for the minimum ALWAYS over acheive. A good work out for push-ups and sit-ups are pyramids, Start at 25 or 20 and work your way down to zero. Do 25 pu, then do 25 su, 24 pu, 24 su, etc. As far as you being focused, that is just a diciplinary action. Everyone drifts off. A technique i use is taking notes and being active in discussions and asking question. Thats the best advice i can give on that.
Thanks you white26golf and WatchMy6 for your swift responses! I really appreciate them! I am definitely going to try to reach the 2 mile mark soon and I will incorporate hills as soon as the weather permits! Great suggestions. I was referring to sit-ups when I said crunches earlier. Sorry about that. 50 is a good goal. The pyramid idea is genius and I will use that asap. As far as the note taking-I don't really have an opportunity to always do that without it being considered "inappropriate". Unfortunately I will only be able to do that so long as the Sergeant allows me to have a pen and paper present during instruction, but again, another appreciated comment! Thanks again guys/gals! Smiler


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