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I am currently deployed with the MDARNG and the leadership is only looking out for #1.I failed the apft due to an illness that half of the unit had and I was the only one singled out.The commander counseled me and when I told him my problem He said it was a poor accuse.Then when I told him I will guarantee a pass he strongly discourage me and said he don't see me passing.This is the first time I failed an apft in maybe 10 years.They always talk about me like I"m Charlie Brown the class clown.I am a 45 year old E-5 who follows all the regs like any one else I make mistakes and I should be allowed.The leadership here are a joke they are only worried about there own carriers.It was an E-7 15 years younger than me failed the apft and nothing was said or done.They suck the moral out of everybody with there power tripping and dictating ways.What should I do go to IG or just keep it company level.
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I fail to see how you have anything to go to IG about.

Though I do not condone your unit making fun of you, I feel I should point out that you had to have done something to earn the treatment you are getting.

Oh, one other thing. Its "excuse" not "accuse" and they may be concerned about their "careers" but probably not so much with their "carriers"

I only point this out because you are 45 and you are complaining about the way you are treated, this stuff doesn't help.
It's also "morale" not "moral". AG - I'm glad you figured out WTF "carriers" was because honest to God I was thinking plate carriers or something.

Anyhow, you failed the APFT. Dude that sucks, but I'm sorry you gotta suck it up and pass the next one. People get sick and whatnot, but I just had one of my Soldiers pass the APFT - and he broke his toe on the run but still made it.

I could get a 180 any day of the week, sick or not. If you were that sick you should have been on sick call or whatever you do while deployed in your AO. Once you take the test, illness or injury does not prevent a failure. As a matter of fact, the reg/FM states that on the test if you get injured while conducting it, it's still considered a failure.

Too many people claim sickness or injury AFTER they fail.
By the way I did come back 4 days later and took the apft and scored 170 not bad for an old man.walk a mile in my shoes all of you are the same nobody cares about the Soldiers.Nobody is making fun of me you butt sniff Just want fair treatment.You ass holes want to joke about everything people like you is why the weak soldiers carry a ACE card.
You are a 45 year old man, as well as a NCO, and you are complaining about this?

In all your years did you ever learn personal responsibility?

In your years in the military have you learn that each person, punishment, situation is different, and not to worry about what punishment/reprimand someone else got, but square yourself away first?

If you were a Soldier who passed their APFT, then you would have the right to be angry about the E7 who failed, however you are both in the same situation. Get yourself out of trouble, before you go throwing stones at others.

Take responsibility for your situation.

Pass your APFT

Square yourself away, and then tackle the other leadership deficiencies you might see.
I don't know what's funnier, this 45 yr old man who spells like a 5th grader or his childish complaints.

I never get it, people who are 45 and act so old. It'a because of your inactivity not because of your age.

45 isn't old! so you scored 170? You still failed and even if you scored 180 in your age scale it's still laughable.

The Army asks you to run a 18:42 two mile, do 32 situps and 30 situps in 2 mins.

Really, you couldn't do that? Sorry, no that's not good for an "old" man.

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