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I'm currently stationed with the Air Force and have been longer than stationed with the Army. I'm set to attend WLC and need guidance on how I should prepare myself for it. I know learning the new PRT is big now and drill and ceremony as well, but is there anything else I should brush up on. Is land Nav still being taught? I'm attending in Graf, Germany.
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go to their page, you should find something. It's been too long for me to say anything smart about current classes. BUT much of the challenge is just getting along with fellow classmates. Lead when it's your turn to lead, follow when it's not. And you can "indirectly lead" if your leader is not getting it done.

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You need to become familiar with the new PRT IAW TC 3-22.20 and also Squad Drill. Other areas your SGL will prepare you for and will be better learned at the school. You will have to give a 5 min oral history brief, conduct individual training and prepare three Army forms. The exams are just being able to reference your course material and the Leadership evals will be based during garrison and STX. Just go in with a positive attitude and the SGL's will set you up for success
The hardest part of WLC was the field leadership evaluation (they should give extra credit to those who go first, but that's a personal gripe). Learn the difference between a WarnO, FragO and OpOrd. What gets briefed, what doesn't and when. Don't over think leading PRT. Don't overthink D&C. The material taught is good, but never hesitate to ask more questions. As long as you know how to control f on the tests, you'll do fine (as long as you know the general gist of what you're looking for). Always behave; it's just a 2 week course, and misbehaving people seem to get caught and get sent home.

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