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Hey all,

In about 11 months, give or take a month, I will be PCS'ing (for my first time!) to Presidio of Monterey in California.

I was wondering if anyone can give me the lowdown on the housing situation there. I know off post housing is expensive, I grew up in California. Also, the BAH rate is a pretty clear indicator.

Basically: Is there a large waitlist for on-post housing? Is it worth it to move off post, what area is best?

Any advice really. I've got a long time to plan but I still want to plan what I can.

Thank you!
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Don't know if you still need advice about POM, but i've been living here for about a year now. Off post housing is pretty limited and like you said, expensive. If you don't mind living in a apartment, you can probably find one for a few hundred less than your BAH. I live in on post housing myself. There's new housing and old housing. I live in the old housing. The new housing has a long waiting list but there's no waiting list for the old housing, plus the old housing has a flat rate that will be less than you BAH. I've been very happy with my house. Because it's old, it'll be very easy to clear. And i know from people who have left here, that the housing office isn't very critical about the condition of the house when you leave. I've got a big backyard which is something you won't get very easily living off post. The worst part though is that the housing is about 10 miles away from the post. Traffic is bad during rush hour times, but fairly clear most other times. The PX is a decent size, and the commissary will save you a lot of money. Hope this helps.

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