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I ETS'd from Active duty at the end of June 2011 and am currently in the IRR. I want to go back to active duty but have been told by active duty recruiters that they cannot help me and that I need to talk to a Reserve career counselor since I am in the reserves. Reserve Career Counselors tell me that since I am attempting to go on Active duty that I need to speak with an Active Duty recruiter. I am just trying to clarify which is accurate and get a bearing so I know what I need to do. I'm 26,11B, E-5 have 5 years on Active Duty, Reentry Code 1. A couple of the recruiters said that the only thing available now is 18X contracts and that since I already have infantry training and have been to jump school that if somehow I can get released from IRR to go active duty that I would be sent straight to SF Selection......That can't be right????? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
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Nope, they are wrong, 18x is only for e4 and below, you CANNOT go active duty as you are an e5 and you cannot request to drop in cannot talk to the reserve recruiter because you are in the Army your only option is to go talk to a career counselor at a Reserve unit and join the Reserves that way, thats IT!

I know b/c im a Rcruiter and dealt with this a lot recently.
Sorry man but Transam is right...SF is for E-4 and below..there is no way for you to come back onto active duty..and prob wont be for the next few years...this is why all soldiers should have a solid plan before leaving the army...your only hope of getting the paycheck and benifets is to join the RES..and try to get activated or go AGR..
going AD from res. or NG is probably very very very very slim.

not impossible, but just as they arent accepting prior service at the recruiters, they arent accepting transfers as well.

now.. your results may vary.. im not a recruiter, or career counsoler.. im sure there are a few floating around who can chime in.

now, i see alot of prior serv. guys asking about going AD and or deploying.. my question is "how long do you want to deploy or go on orders?"

if people are only looking for a year or two.. the join the guard or reserves and check out MobCop and volunteer for a deployment. hell, you basically get to pick where you want to go...
I have a few question if you may
1.Those 1 year assignments how are they beneficial besides the fact that I'll be activated for one year, will they give me an option to stay active after the one year?
2.Are the locations only Afghanistan or Korea, or are some locations in the states?

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