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I'm 45 years old, with about 6 years prior service in the USAF. I am seriously considering enlisting in the Army National Guard, Reserves, or possibly even Active Duty. I've gotten quite a bit of general info about what to expect already, but have a few questions before I go and actually talk to a recruiter face to face:

How do I find out for sure what bonuses I might be eligible for?

How do I go about making sure I get the job I want?

Will I still be eligible for GI Bill, educational assistance, etc., if I declined when I was in before?

I'd be grateful for any advice. Thanks!
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I'll try to give you as much help as I can.

Bonuses: As a prior service member you'll only be eligible for the MOS bonuses, probably not anything else. To get the most updated bonus amounts you'll have to get a printout of the most recent Army milper message regarding bonus amounts.

The job you want is always dependent on what is available at MEPS when you go. The counselors can try to weasle the job from higher HQ, but it isn't always possible. Be sure to have a good backup!

I have no idea about the educational stuff, sorry.

What job/s do you think you'd be interested in?
Something in the medical field. I think the one I'm most interested in is 91p(?), Radiographer. (x-ray tech.) I have some medical experience, and am looking at something that will translate well to the civilian sector. Thanks very much for your help!
The medical field is a good field to get into, however, the big negative with military medical is that you'll probably never get promoted to E-6.

When I came back in I really wanted to be a Paralegal specialist, but the promotion points for E-6 were 798, which means getting that promotion is basically an act of God.

The Xray tech MOS I think has a year long AIT, which means if you have family you can take them with you.

Also, most of the medical jobs have little to no bonuses because everyone wants them.
It all depends on what is available at MEPS when you go. I was deadset on 88N and 35N when I went down there. The 88N wasn't available and the counselor even called his boss to see if he could sneak me in, but the boss said no. So, I chose 35N and the counselor told me there was one training seat available for the next week, so I grabbed it.

Actually, you know what, for most of the medical MOS's it seems that even getting E-5 is going to be tough. Check this website out:

The medical MOSs are all 68 series so just try 68A-Z and they should all show you how many points and vacancies are available for those. This is what I did when I re-classed MOSs AND why I was just automatically promoted last week. Smiler

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