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Any Drill Sergeants at Fort Benning that can help me out? or just a DS in general?

I am prior service. I was a 21B from June 2006 to June 2009 with a combat tour in Mosul Iraq.

I recently re-enlisted into the Army as an 18X (special forces recruit).

As a part of the 18X program, I have to do Basic Training all over again and had questions.

1) are the DS's going to treat me like a piece of s*** as if I never served before?

2) am I going to be allowed to wear my combat patches?

I'm kind of bummed out about having to do BCT all over again, but 9 extra weeks of pay is 9 extra weeks of pay.
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Is it too late to come back in as your old MOS and just go to selection? Yikes. I know a couple people who have reclassed to Infantry and pretty much (depending on the individual DS) they won't like you, you're a POG who is a wannabe Infantry and they will eat that shit up. As far as your uniform, you should be gtg, but they might make you take your shit off just because they can.

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