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My question is simple, but I have been told so many answers from different people. I am a prior service E-4, went through Army BCT last year, and expected to go straight to AIT. At the end of BCT they sent me back home stating I was a split option prior service.

Since coming back home (reserves by the way) I failed a PT test and have not been able to go back to AIT. They keep telling me that I have to pass a PT test before leaving for AIT, which is coming up. If I fail they are saying they can kick me out. Is this possible?

I was told after that I would have to pass a 60% after AIT, but they want me to pass a 60% before going.
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Originally posted by E-4 Sand:
... If I fail they are saying they can kick me out. Is this possible?

Probably. You have to EARN being in the Army. Better start working out!

Even IF it wasn't a matter of going to AIT, fail 2 record PT tests and they can start chapter paperwork (active duty). I'm sure the Reserves have their rules too.
What event(s) are you failing? I am active duty Army and when I am expected to go to a school (e.g. upcoming advance course); I have to pass a PT test and be within weight requirements or I cannot go. I am 46 years old and need to comply. Why cant you?

PT is part of your job and that is the easy part and that answer is simple.
They want you to show that you can pass now and be able to maintain or improve in order to pass AIT. Your unit doesn't want an UNSAT soldier failing AIT which looks bad on the unit. You're prior service which means you did at least 3-4 years active duty so you know the expectations. If you can't make 60% after BCT, you're in a difficult position.

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