Prior service to IRR to Reserve but not happy

Ok, so I was Active Duty, got out Honorably and was in the IRR for about two years. I thought about it and finally went into the Reserves, just a 4187, no enlistment contract.

I wasn't sure at first and it has only been 2 drills, a 2 day andva 4 day, but I am not liking it.

I think I did not realize it would be much different than Active was...

My question and advice I am looking for is this. I was told I can go back to the IRR at any point. Is this true and how can I confirm it?

I am still giving it a few more to make sure, but I would like to know. I am not a bad Soldier, I pass tests and am always in the right place, right time and right uniform.
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Why aren't you happy with the Reserves?

It is not good to be switching back and forth because you do not like it.

If I am correct, you did four years of active duty and two years in the IRR for a total of 6 years of your mandatory obligation. You just have two years left.

So why not put those two years to use by helping other Reservists with your active duty expertise as a Soldier, in your MOS and improving yourself as a leader.

Are you using your GI Bill? Have you purchased a home with a VA loan?

You definitely need to engage your chain of command.

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