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I've begun assembling the necessary forms to complete a WOFT packet in hopes of submitting it during the spring of next year. Around that time, I will have graduated college and am hoping for some assistance from those of you who have an understanding of the WOFT program. I understand that this program is insanely competitive but am willing to put forth the effort required to submit a well qualified and organized packet.

I've got a few things going for me that may be helpful in the process but as a first time applicant I know little about the program. I have five years AFS, a GT score greater than 110, and multiple deployments under my belt. I am well-acquainted with an active-duty Army aviator, possess a secret clearance, and at the time of submission will have received a BA in Strategic Communication from a well-respected University in my region.

I have yet to take the flight physical or AFAST, however I am physically and mentally sound and have historically tested well on aptitude related exams. Unfortunately, I have no flight history (other than being carted around by CH-47 and UH-60 aircrafts during the two years I was deployed), hours, or aviation education to speak of and hope this doesn't look poorly when submitting my application.

Are those of you that have knowledge on the subject able to provide any advice that will increase my competitive image in this selection process?

I really do appreciate your time.

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