Private Investigator??????

I had a 4 hour interview done by a private investigator hired by the Army to come and ask me questions about EVERYTHING. I am completely confused as to why I was interviewed if I was initially denied for any type of clearance due to my credit history. I asked the investigator why I was being investigated and she gave me different answers every time I asked her the question.

1) Everyone recruit is interviewed
2) If you have credit problems
3) If you have family/friends that are foreign Nationals
4) You need to have some sort of clearance in case you are needed in another job.

Then I asked my recruiter the same question "Why am I being investigated if I was denied clearance to begin with?" and he answered "Oh I forgot to tell you about that, everyone is interviewed."

And to top it all off the station commander seemed to be surprised to have the investigator in the office.

Does any of the answers given to me sound remotely accurate????

I will be royally pissed if they are processing any type of clearance for me and all they offered me were non-clearance jobs! Mad
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You were questioned in the recruiter office? Did they show you a badge? I've been interviewed by more security investigators then I could possibly count over the years (for my clearences and others as well) and all of them have credentials identifying them as being from the DOD. Not saying something is up, but...

By the way, #1 is BS. Everyone in the military has a local records check done, but not an interview. #4 is also BS. You don't get a clearance because of some job you might have in the future. By that logic, everyone in the military would need a clearance. You get a clearance becuase of a requirement for your MOS or individual job.
Originally posted by SFC W:
Is it possible that you aren't ineligible for a clearance, but you were ineligible for an interim?

I know it's different for submissions during the recruitment process, but it sounds like the clearance process is progressing.

Completely possible. I was denied an interim clearance, but my final clearance went through without a problem, it just took a bit more time.
Originally posted by Corvette1140:
I was under the notion that interim clearances weren't put in for but the actual full clearances are.

When you submit for a clearance, you are submitting with the intention of getting a final clearance. However, if someone has justification (like school or deployment or duty position) you can request an Interim at the same time.

All an Interim is is a clearance given "in the interim" based on good faith.

CCF is the adjudicator for clearances, but Interims can be granted locally. On JBLM, they can be granted by Installation Security, based on a review of an applicant's SF86.

The problem with initial entry soldiers is that they don't want to put a soldier who can't get an interim into a job where they may have to sit at school for six months and leave a seat empty because they can't do the training.

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