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OK, now that housing is becoming privateized, do the rules change as far as your rights to privacy? I know when it was military housing they could enter your house whenever they wanted. But now, since you report to a "landlord", sign a lease, and get your BAH to pay back as rent, can they still just walk in? I never really agreed with it in the first place, but now since its not gov. housing can they still just walk in? You have to sign a release allowing housing to allow exterminators or maintenance to enter if your not home, and you if you dont want them then you can refuse, they cant force you to let them in. They just hold you reaponsible if damage results from bugs or lack of maint. I dont mind people coming over, but I dont want someone else making the descision who gets to come to my house.
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No they, or anybody else, is not allowed to just walk-in to your house...AT ANY TIME, with out your permission. I live in privatized housing on a Marine base in NC, my wife works for the GQ housing office here on base (why they still exist I have no idea but they do just the same.) She said they cannot even go to your chain of command to get permission to enter your house, the permission has to come from the member or spouse only. I know from my experience, when you call in maintenance requests (each and every time) you have to give specific permission for those guys to come in if nobody is at home when they come by...if you dont then they leave a missed appointment memo on your door asking you to call back to reschedule at another time. The government housing, actually privitized, immediately off base here (from my understanding) is the same whether you are on or off base in privatized housing you have to give direct permission for them to enter.
Cherry Point or Legune? I guess what happened is that someone off post had their house broken in to and it got trashed. When someone from the command went over appearantly they didnt like something they saw, and decided to do mass "health and welfare" inspections. They notified the soldiers that they are going to randomly stop by your house to, and I quote, "see how you live". Now as far as Im concerned thats not 24 hours notice that theyre coming to YOUR house, just houses in general. Plus I dont feel thats a good enough reason. So when my wife asked, they said theyre not going all over your house, just living areas, they can tell just by that. They said they also want to know where you live in case of an emergency. I thought thats whay they had an address. Meybe Im being irrational, but I fell that this is MY house. I signed a lease, and have to abide by the terms of that lease. Nowhere in the lease does it say the command can come over to "see how you live". If you want to know where I live drive by and leave me alone. They dont want to help us when theres a problem, its not convenient to them. But now they want to start prying into my business? To make matters worse theyre saying thet it doesnt matter if you live on or off post theyre coming anyway.....
I am at Cherry Point. I dont know then about your situation; I am currently in the Navy, about to go to the Army, but I live on a Marine base...maybe the Navy and Marine Corps do things differently. I asked my wife about it and she was the one that said not even the command can come into your residence unless you invite them in..they cannt just say "hey I want to see how you live and where you live." ..or do a "Health and comfort inspec," its no longer govt. housing, its commercial or "privitized" housing. Again, I dont know, maybe the Army plays differently when it comes to housing matters.
You have to look at it from a leader's point of view.

Example, I had a married soldier with kids who constantly showed up to work looking dirty. Now is it wrong for me to go look at his house to see how he, his wife, and kids are living? I don't think it is. Turns out, his kids had no beds to sleep on, there was trash everywhere. When I say everywhere I mean, in every bedroom, every bathroom, every single room had some kind of old food plate, or a pizza box, or some kind of fast food bag if not all 3 at once. He slept on the cushions from his couch in the living room in front of the tv. She slept on the couch with a couple blankets. You would not believe me if I told you how nasty this house was. I asked him how long it has been since he opened the fridge, he said oh about a month... He had milk, eggs, and other foods in there rotting. His kitchen had a big pile of clothes about 4 ft high in the mmiddle of it. Dishes hadn't been washed in over a month, he was just using paper plates because he was too lazy to wash the dishes.

Now you tell me, do you think that leaders should not be allowed to "see how you live"?

If I really wanted to be an A%shole, I could have called child services and housing and he would have been done. In order to help a soldier out, I gave him and his wife 7 days to clean it up, and it sure did take all 7 days. They literally had at least 20 bags of garbage on the curb.
Go Ordnance: In those situations it was a good thing you stepped in. At the same time though: Until it affects the members job (which in your case it did) it should not be the concern of the command. The member could live like an utter pig but come in every day in the most squared away uniform, and perfrom his/her job to a T. In that situation do you fill as though you should step in and tell somebody how to live their "personal" "private" life? I am truely all for the military making sure that EVERYBODY lives up to a standard, that standard being marked by each individual command, but at the same time I trust my chain of command (all the way up to the President w/ the decisions they make,) they made the choice to turn govt housing into privitized you (well not really you but you as in the lower chain of command) have to set back and let be what is intended to be. *of course exceptions apply, like the one you told us about*

Armyreenlistment: I see where you are going with that statement but that is not an arguement or "discussion" that does any justice. We warrant the BAH per entitlement per DODFMR 7A (sorry to quote regs on here) and no were in the reg does it state that b/c you are warranting BAH that we (the govt) have the right and privi to come and go in/out of your residence. Before we had talked about reenlisment stuff and I missed quoted myself and I apologized to you and stated you knew more than I did in that subject (on a different thread)...this one, trust me (Army or not,) I am more than likely more well versed in. *Please dont take offense to that.*
I do believe there are instances that warrant a visit. Go Ordanances example is an excellent representation of that. I have seen, and made the same phone call myself, as a spouse. I hate to get into someones personal life, but it was for the benefit of the child. I just dont think a mass inspection is warranted, moreso the way it seems theyre going about it. I say come on over, I have nothing to hide. Nothing that is illegal anyway Big Grin. You can go anywhere any other guest in my home can go, just please dont invade my personal space.

For the sake of being devil's advocate. Who pays your rent at any "job"? You get a paycheck and pay your rent from it. Does that give your boss the right to come see how you live? I understand that the military as a whole is a bit different, but you still gat paid the just like a regular job. If it weren't for the ability to allot our BAH to the private leasing company I would have to write a check just like anyone off post. Plus, under the new housing privateizing guidelines, we are going to be alloted a certain amount of electric, if we go over we pay, under and we get some back. So theoretically we pay for it all now. And if the police have to have reasonable cause and a warrant to come in, why can the COC just somce over? I hope you understand what I mean. Im just curious, and this is just for the sake of arguement. Im at home bored Razzer, I just didnt like the announcement of , we might just stop by.

I have a portrait studio in our front room, so my house stays clean. Not perfect, but clean, we have 2 kids. We try to keep up, but sometimess you can't. Im not going to have someone I dont know very well, coming over to a messy house for pictures.

Mcnizzle, NHCP Im assuming? Or the docks that used to be way on the other side of the "O" club? I was ther too, VMA-231 92-96. I want to come back to see how much has changed.
If the military entering your home is a big concern, move off post. Sorry, but as long as you live on a Federal Base you don't "own" jack. You are being allowed to reside there.

Everything and everyone on a Federal Post is subject to search, there is a gigantic sign at every gate that tells you that when you enter post.

Whatever privacy the regs allow you can be immediately suspended for any safety or health concerns.
Speaking of living on Cherry Point. Its been a while, but when we were there one of the guys in my squadron ended up doing something. I cant remember exactly what it was, but I remember he lived in his own home in the mobile home park behind housing, on base. They had to have a search warrant to go into his house. But that may have been because it was a judicial process.
ArmyHusband: I am actually attached to the headquaters command here, MWHS2. Some of the HM's here are attached to each of the squadrons and I lucked out and got attached to the Base Surgeons office: I am an admin/pay type, for now, and I got linked up with corpsman that deal with medical records so I am having fun. From my understanding talking with guys that have been here for like 7+yrs, this base has changed dramatically! Just dont get lost if you come back here...this base is so huge!! LOL
I spoke with the head of the DoD Military Housing Privatization at Department of Defense
Office of the Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Installations and Environment)
Housing & Competitive Sourcing Office
241 18th Street S.
Crystal Square 4, Suite 105
Arlington, VA 22202-3402
This person informed me that, from a DoD perspective, privatized housing, in theory, is like a person renting a house in the civilian sector. However, he stressed the word "theory". The service(aRMY, usaf, usmc, etc) still holds responsibility for the conduct and standards of its members who reside in the privatized housing. For example, if there are conditions in someone's quarters where a child may be at risk (i.e.-filth), then this is a command issue and that command has authority to conduct a Health and Welfare inspection, to include getting Child Services involved--this is true for those living off post as well. There are standards that ALL military members are required to uphold at all times--not just when that member shows up at his/her place of duty-it does not matter if Joe's uniform looks sharp or not--a person, military or civilian, cannot live a double life. Just because its "privatized housing" does not allow a service member to live a separate "private" life where he/she can simply shirk the required standards of conduct and professionalism. That's what's wrong with today's Army--young Soldiers searching for ways to get around the requirements and so on. This is the military, right?
Why did DoD go private? Congress established the Military Housing Privatization Initiative (MHPI) in 1996 as a tool to help the military improve the quality of life for its service members by improving the condition of their housing. The MHPI was designed and developed to attract private sector financing, expertise and innovation to provide necessary housing faster and more efficiently than traditional Military Construction processes would allow.
Now, the spokesperson I talked with informed me that each service has different policies governing this privatization. For more specific ARMY guidance, call 703-601-2484.
If the military entering your home is a big concern, move off post.

They were stating they were inspecting on and off post.

In all honestly Id rather give up that little bit of privacy to live on post. Benifits like less crime, safer, quieter, and you are guaranteed to have at lease one thing in common with your neighbor(both military Wink ) are worth it. The biggest problems we have around here is people don't seem to understand the spped limit and driving in a residential area, older kids having sex in the playgrounds at night (finding the occasional used condom on playground equipment or on the ground Roll Eyes), or appearantly as I was told during broad daylight, which falls back to the bigger issue if parents just not knowing what their kids are doing or where they are. As was pointed out by Ordanance, you usually dont get messed with unless something sticks out. The soldier that was initially referred to appearantly comes to work constantly, smelling awful, and is on her way out for other legal reasons.
When I lived off-post, my PS and 1SG, whom I didn;t get along with, tried to come to my duplex and look at it when I wasn't home (I was on Pass in Houston). They went to the leasing office and demanded that the landlord let them in. The landlord she couldn;t do that, by law. I returned to duty a few weeks later to find a counseling statement from my PS concerning that I need to "tell my landlord that my CoC can come in when I'm not home."
I refused to sign it and brought it up with the Battalion commander using his open door policy.
My PS was threatened with an article 15 and my 1SG was giving a lengthy @$$-chewing.
The next 2 months I was in that unit I sailed because my 1SG and my PS didn't even want to go near me.

I never once had my place "inspected."
If the military entering your home is a big concern, move off post.

There are many benefits for both on or off post, but I'd rather live off post. I won't let anyone from my unit into my home that I don't want to, and neither will my wife. I don't know where some of you live but it's not always safer to live on post.
Ive heard some horror stories about living on post too. Someone told me that Bragg was pretty rough, but I don't know that personally. Where else have you been that is rough? Were heading to Benning and theres no wait for housing. From what I see of the pictures, I'm not overly impressed with it.
What I noticed about privatized housing is that if it isn't enclosed, with gates and whatnot the !@$%#$@! target that area because they think we get paid good or something. Crime rates there, usually thefts are bad. If its gated in then you are fine.

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Originally posted by ArmyHusband:
Ive heard some horror stories about living on post too. Someone told me that Bragg was pretty rough, but I don't know that personally. Where else have you been that is rough? Were heading to Benning and theres no wait for housing. From what I see of the pictures, I'm not overly impressed with it.

Benning isn't that great, Bliss sucks, Campbell sucks, Bragg sucks. I'm entitled to BAH, I'm going to get something I want to live in, not where they tell me. My mortgage is a couple hundred dollars more than my BAH, but my neighborhood isn't trash, everyone is respectful, and my family feels safer. It's like the old saying, you get what you pay for.
WE are at Benning - it is horrible! Our house is really small (barely 1000 sq feet for 6 people - only one full bathroom for all of us to share, no garage or carport (just street parking), insects, heating/ac sucks, our yard is about 15ft by 15ft, and goes straight downhill, everything is leaking, the cabinets are warped, and the housing office is the worst we have even seen/dealt with in 5 posts.
Originally posted by Jmet1223:
What I noticed about privatized housing is that if it isn't enclosed, with gates and whatnot the !@$%#$@! target that area because they think we get paid good or something.

Jmet1223, this is your FINAL WARNING for inappropriate langauge. If you can't control the most simple typing practices by watching you language, you are no longer welcomed in this community.
Originally posted by ArmyHusband:
You used to be able to see floorplans online, but I cant find them anywhere. If anyone knows please let me know where. From what I saw on Bennings Pinnacle website for housing the layouts werent that great, so where is good off post?

Try to live off of exits 6-10 (exit 1-4 are pretty crummy). Also, Phenix City, Alabama is just the other side of Fort Benning and much more rural/suburban.
If you are PCSing to Benning, the housing/leasing office will show you pictures of the new housing they are building, but only a select few live in new housing - the other 90% of post housing is very old and in very bad shape.

To see the floorplans, go to and pick Benning, then click on floorplans. Let me know if you have trouble with that link - I will give you another.
Originally posted by ArmyReenlistment:
I'm not exploding and "slipped" comes out during speech ... not by typing it. Please be more aware of the words you type.

I will try to be more aware of the words I type. But for the most part, I can type faster than I can talk if you can imagine that. I should have a desk and a computer somewhere, I used to play alot of games in the 90s that were all text-based and the typing skills still haven't left me. I'm over 100 wpm. I believe between 110 and 120. But sorry, I will try to proofread everything before I post it.

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