Problems with dealing with QM Branch

Anyone know what I have to do to get through to the Branch Personnel so they will do their Jobs?

I had to File a Congressional Last year to try to get into another unit in Germany because they kept telling me that I wasn't needed in Germany anymore. It was Denied, So I winded up re-enlisting to go to Ft Carson. Now I am in Iraq, and I re-enlisted to go back to Germany. I am on orders to report to Katterbach, Germany in Feb 2010. I have a Letter of Acceptance to go to Kaiserslautern, Germany, but Branch will not ackowledge it, saying they cannot change what I re-enlisted for. I told them that I re-enlisted for Europe, and not Necessarily Katterbach, and they tell me that they are sorry and cannot change a thing to my assignment. Anybody out there that can help in any way?
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This was right before the Holidays, when one of them was around. The re-enlistment was for Europe, and not Specifically Katterbach/Ansbach. They put me on orders for a different unit in the same town I PCS'd from in 2008. I wanted to go to Kaiserslautern back to ADA with the 357th AMDD, which is what I have a Letter of Acceptance for from the Brigade CSM. I moved my old unit to K-Town, which is now part of the 357th AMDD.
if you e-mail your branch manager, they have 5 business days to respond. If at that time they do not (give them an extra day or two ya know)
they all have a branch CSM who they work for.
Help them help you. They have a difficult job.

NCO's should be using them. They are there to get you assignments to help you succeed in your career.

BLUF- don't call them when you're 60-90 days out.. they will tell you to pound sand.
I'd suggest when you're a year out from DEROS, call them with a top 3 follow on assignments that you would like to go to. 6 months out, call again.. seeing what's opened. It's not always going to work in your favor. But if it comes down to Ft. A OR Ft. B, atleast YOU had a say in where you're going to.

Good luck!
I talk to my Branch Manager all the time. Reenlistment, they cant do nothing about that. That is your Career Counselor. They have a hectic job just like some of us, dont think for 1 second they are just sitting behind a desk not accepting your calls or emails. So be a little patient, try the civilians maybe.
SGT Corter you sound like you are screwed. Instead of re-enlisting for duty for Option 3 to get the hell out of the Quartermaster Corps. With few exceptions, the whole QM corps are the lowest ASVAB scores and most moral issue soldiers in the Army. I am sure someone will get mad but it is what it is, and it is NOT opinion but fact.

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