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Hello, I am seeking some professional advice and I am hoping the community can help me out. I am considering volunteering for recruiting duty; however, I am curious if it will negatively impact my career progression if I were to be promoted to SFC prior to the assignment.

Promotion rates for my MOS in regards to MSG are very stiff and I have not completed a special assignment. I am currently in a nominative assignment, but I am not sure if that counts.

From my understanding for MSG you need a minimum of 24 months of leadership experience, so I believe going recruiter could be negative in placing me behind the curve of not having that PSG/leadership time. Conversely, in DA Pam 600-25 it is one of the recommended special assignments.

So in conclusion, will this move hamper or improve my career progression as a SSG(P)with future career ambitions of becoming a CSM?

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You think your branch will release you to go from a nominative assignment to a special assignment...I went recruiting (the Army told me to), been back to S1 over a year, got selected for a nominative assignment and my branch shot it down because I need more S1 time....
As much as I hated every day of recruiting, it most likely allowed me to get promoted ahead of my peers to SFC. If you go into recruiting as a SFC, be prepared to have a possibly lower-ranking station commander or be the station commander giving up the blood numbers every day. In my field, it seems like every E8/E9 has a drill sergeant badge, I'd go that route if you want a special assignment for career advancement, while saving yourself a year.

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