PROFIS unit information. 28th Combat SPT Hospital.

Just found out that I'm PROFIS with the Unit (0028MDCOMBAT SPT H) which is the 28th Combat Support Hospital I think. Does anyone know anything about this unit? Should/Could I contact the unit directly to find out any questions I may have? Or would that be inappropriate?
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I would imagine your answer to this has already been answered. However, I will answer it for you as well.
You have been selected to PROFIS. Everything you need to know about what type of unit you are going to is in the question you asked. You are to deploy with the 28th combat support hospital. This unit is located at Ft. Bragg. It's mission will essentially be the same as any other non-Forscom unit. With the same capabilities.
I do assume though what you want someone to tell you now that you have received your notice is....Hey where are we going, what are we going to be doing, is it dangerous, etc, etc. etc..
You will find out that information soon enough. your mission right now should be to prepare yourself and your family should you have one for the coming months ahead. Passing the information you truly want on a board like this would only put you,your unit and your family at home at risk.
Keep your head down, do a good job and come home safe.

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