You could do the old standy-by of Runnning on day, push-up sit-up the next, Running the next day and so on.

I would personally suggest that you do push-ups a certain number of times each day, like once an hour get down and knock some push-ups out.

I would also sugest that you run at least every other day. I like to run, so it does not bother me, but if you can get ued to running more than 2 miles, then the 2 mile on the APFT will be a joke.

For Running advice, visit some of the running blogs and running websites. They offer great advice on the position of your body when running and how to run longer and faster while using less energy.

Don't buy the running shoes from Spira Footwear. The ones I bought were supposed to return like 86% of the energy back to me, so I thought I could ru a lot faster and farther, but that was not true. The shoes were heavy and looked a lot like "walking shoes" that I see on the older folks at the mall.

Back to the original post.. When you run, take it easy and try to increase your distance and or drop your time each time you run.

I am not sure when you roll out for WTC, but they suppoedly have a diagnostic APFT and then a Record APFT shorty afterwards. Basically, if you don't pass the dag, you are nt going to have a lot fo time to improve before the record, so start to prepare as early as possible.

I think that a big part of the APFT is psychological. Go into the test knowing you will pass, and as long as you were preparing properly for it you will.

Good luck

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