As per this:
AR-600-8-19 para. 5–11. Declination of selection board consideration.
a. A Soldier who is within the zone of consideration for promotion may decline such consideration before his or her
promotion packet is assembled and sent to the promotion ...board. Once the packet has been sent to the board, the Soldier
cannot decline consideration. However, if selected and placed on the PPRL, the Soldier may request removal from the
list per paragraph 5–27c.
b. A declination of board consideration will be a written statement signed by the Soldier, witnessed by an NCO or
officer, and inserted in the Soldier’s MPF. The declination will remain in effect for any subsequent boards unless the
Soldier changes his or her mind and requests board consideration. In this event, the declination will be removed from
the MPF, annotated by the custodian to indicate the declination was withdrawn on a specified date, retained by the
custodian until the next regular board is convened, and then destroyed.
c. When a Soldier declines promotion consideration, it is essential that the Soldier’s immediate supervisor and the
CDR determine the reason for the declination and provide adequate counseling.

I wish to decline a promotion board. I don't have much time left in, and make no secret of wanting to get out. I just need some help with the wording of my counseling statement. Yes I have to do the foot work for this on my own, as my platoon SGT has informed me that he will not. I have the statement on a DA 2823 siting the AR and my reasons for not wanting to attend.
So any help would be nice. I don't really feel this is a negative counseling. I'm slightly miffed as to how one should go about it.

Thank you.
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I think you may misunderstand what it is you need. You only need a letter if you are sending your packet to an E-7 board.

Either way. You should have to do the counseling yourself. If your leadership thinks you are ready to be considered for promotion, you need to show them why you are unwilling or unable to accept the promotion. You can probably work something out of counsel quick, but you need to figure out why you don't feel you should be considered for promotion. I wanna get out and I don't have much time left anyway isn't good enough. Think about why you want to get out, and how your post Army plans are going to be affected by your being promoted now.

This counseling should not be a punishment for you, but it needs to be done so if later you decide to stay in there is a clear record as to why you didn't get promoted. If your platoon sergeant didn't feel you were ready to get promoted, he would have to do the same thing.

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