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OK, at my unit the situation is unique. I'm the Platoon SGT for my little section, but all the Soldiers here have civilians as their first line supervisors. I'm only the PSG because there is no one above an e-5, and I've got the most time in grade.

One of the soldiers has been recommended for promotion by his civ sup, is scheduled to attend the board in October. 1SG said I need to give him a promo counseling, but I'm not sure what to put in it. Can anyone provide an example?

Things I thought of so far:

-include board date
-provide him with MOI
-make sure he's studying (we've been studying almost every night this month)
-provide him with FM/AR resources from my personal library (we aren't on a mil inst)
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You need to do a Promotion Counseling-

----PART II-----

o Promotion counseling on soldier competencies, skills, knowledge, and attitudes observed for 30 days.
SPC Pixie is being recommended to attend the promotion board IAW AR 600-8-19 Enlisted Promotion and Reduction Chapter 2, 3, and 6.
Discuss with service member his future as a leader.

-----PART III-----
SPC Pixie your overall performance in the past 30 days has been up to standard and you have shown that you have the desire to get better, the eagerness to learn, and you want to continue in the service which is a great thing to see in you after all that you have been through. After careful consideration, the chain of command and I have decided at this time that you will be recommended to attend the promotion board in September. You have achieved a lot in the past months, but remember there is always room to grow and work on other shortcomings and learn more. You have demonstrated your chain of command that you can follow simple instructions, execute tasks in a timely manner and you have no problems interpreting information from your superiors. Also your job performance and work ethics have gotten better, continue to communicate effectively with your peers and leadership. SPC Pixie, remember to always take the initiative to fix a deficiency; do not wait for somebody to tell you to fix it.

SPC Pixie you will be given the time to prepare yourself for the promotion board, and to be ready to assume a leadership role within the section. Continue doing Correspondence Courses and Army E-learning courses to raise your military training promotion points and enroll in college in order to raise your civilian education promotion points. I will assist you in every way possible as a mentor with the help of the chain of command.

---Plan of action-----
Service Member will continue to prepare for the promotion board.
Service Member will review FM 7-22.7 The Army Noncommissioned Officer Guide and familiarize himself with the leader’s attitude, communication, planning honesty, courage, and accomplishing the mission. Service Member will always carry a notebook and something to write with so that he may immediately copy down information from superiors.
Service Member will from now on be direct, clear, and concise in his answers to questions from superiors.
Service Member will continue doing correspondence courses and college courses in order to raise his military and civilian education promotion points.

-----Leaders Responsibilities----
Ensure Service Member is board-prepped.
Assist Service Member in obtaining FM 7-22.7
Allow Service Member the opportunity for personal and professional improvement.
Lead Service Member from the front and show good examples!

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