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Hi all. I'm in the FL Guard and have yet to find someone who can articulate the ins and outs of the promotion points system; specifically, all the ways to obtain points; if points from PT still count; and how many are needed to promote to E6.

I understand that points are awarded for education and Army correspondence courses, however, I'd like to know much each college credit is worth and to whom do I submit the info? Do my correspondence courses show up on my ATTRS transcript?

Any info will be most appreciated!
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Ok, so your S1 should be able to answer your questions but I'll try and answer the ones you asked here.

First there's the commander's points. There's 150 points there and its based on the commander's recommendation I've never heard of anyone getting less than 150 there though.

Then there's the board, max of 150 but its rare to get max. Usually people get about 146-149.

Military education is max of 200 points. 1000 correspondence course hours count as 200 points. I looked up the regulation regarding correspondence course hours and it states that only courses reflected on your ATTRs will count. Thing about that is only FULL COURSES reflect on your ATTRs. I've talked to several 42As though and they tell me that subcourses can still count as they're hours of military education.

College is worth 100 points and I believe its 67 college credits for 100. To get the points just turn in an official transcript to your S1 or you can get a review and memorandum from your education center.

PT counts for 50 points but you have to max the APFT to get all 50. I get around a 240 on the PT test and only get about 25 points so the scale is pretty steep.

Weapon qualification is 50 points. For the M16/M4 you get 50 for 40/40. I got a 39 and got 49 points.

Lastly award are worth 100. Different awards are worth different amounts I think Good Conduct Medal for example is worth 15.

Total available points is 800.

If any of this information is wrong forgive me I'm going off of memory and I just woke up. I would also refer you to AR 600-8-19 its quite easy to read and explains all the information that I gave you in more detail.
SGT Smitty, I agreed with all said (-) the Correspondence Courses info.

The Correspondence Courses are consisted of several site, ARKP, ALTS, ALMS, ATRRS etc.... Only ones that reflect directly to your ATRRS Transcripts are the Army e-learning/ATRRS courses. The others should be added to iPERMS etc.

Now my expierence to this is fairly new. I have over 300 Courses and over 100 FEMA courses(count towards CIV Education). Now I asked my T-NCO and then my A-NCO to forward them to the S1 to be processed into iPERMS, they tend to not want to cause there to lazy to get off there ass and SCAN them to themselves and then E-mail them to S1.

I wish you luck, please feel free to contact me here and ask your questions.

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