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New to the forums and really looking forward to your advice! My husband is Prior Service with 8 years. His MOS was/is 92w.

He is in the process of enlisting again -- but is getting conflicting info. We have questions about the bonus -- still 15k? (His AKO is no longer active) Also -- he is hoping to go AGR or active duty within 6mo to a year after getting into his unit. Is that a likely expectation? If not -- what is a recommended course of action?

He is 32- E5 -- and is now looking for a full time career in the army- so we are definitely intent on making the best choices possible, and are open to all suggestions.

Thank you all!
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If your husband wants to go Active Duty within six months, what is stopping him from enlisting in Active Duty now? Currently the Army Reserves have made their mission for the year and do not have any more jobs open, so if he is thinking to go Active, he may as well do it now. Also, switching over to Active from the Reserves is not as easy as it used to be. Currently, it takes about two years and a General Officer to sign the 4187.

Also, forget about the enlistment bonus. Most likely he will not qualify for one. He will also have to be somewhat willing to accept whatever job is offered if he wants to get back in.

I would recommend he go talk to a Recruiter and get the latest information.
And to be completely candid with you the only MOSes offered to PS males (Active Duty side) are.....11X and 18X(which he probably dosen't qualify for). He may not even qualify for Infantry and have to retake the ASVAB. Contrary to popular belief put forth during the Vietnam era, some people believe that the lowest scoring soldiers go to Infantry. Well that was the case for that war when 58,000 people were dying in the jungles of Vietnam and the Army needed bodies (kinda makes the 5,000 between 2 wars currently seem minuscule). Now fast forward to today's ALL volunteer Army and the lowest scoring soldiers on the ASVAB go to 92 series. We recently had a 92W that could not make the cut for infantry even after he retook the ASVAB because his scores were too low. Hopefully this is not the case for your husband. Everything that SSG Schwartz said was true, but he was inaccurate about one thing, currently the Prior Service category for reserves is the only available reserve category open, so if he acts quickly he can still do it, but if he has decided to do it he had better not waste any time. Because after enough time goes by he will not be able to come back in as a SGT E-5. Especially since many Prior Service soldiers can easily take a week to a month to come back in due to medical waivers, etc. Good luck and go talk to a recruiter.
Thanks for your responses...

Active Duty isn't a viable option for us right now -- trying to sell (or even rent) our house in this market is wishful thinking at best. So while he'd love to go active as soon as the house sells, we know that that could be awhile. Other MOS's are possible -- his ASVAB scores were pretty high - though they're 14 years old...

He's talked to a few recruiters- some have been more helpful than others - and we've gotten conflicting information about the bonuses.

The latest is that there is a 15k bonus for a 6 year enlistment, and that is it. The recruiter has already contacted the unit and there is an open position for his rank.

If there's anything I might be missing that we should know -- I appreciate your help!
Did his Recruiter tell him they are not signing anybody up until OCT 2009, at least in our Battalion, dont know if its nation wide yet, havent seen the official message.

That means he can if need be retake the ASVAB, do the physical but will not sign up for the Reserves until OCT 2009, also if he wants to go Active duty he better do it now, who knows if the Reserves will let him go at a time of his choosing.

Oh yeah, dont get your hopes up on a bonus.
Thanks guys,

He's waiting for the recruiter to tell him when he can go to MEPS. We're told there's no message right now that prevents him, and he's also still saying that there's a bonus... I know we'll see what happens at MEPS for the bonus- don't have my hopes up- but we'll see what happens...

Thanks again!

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