PsyOps Career (vs. Intelligence)

I want to sign up for the army or air force soon. I am leaning more towards army, I was told I can enter as an e-4 and I am particularly interested in psyops.

My alternative choice would be an intelligence job, such as 35m/f, and the recruiter tried to push crypto linguist on me.

I don't have a bachelors, just 1 year in University, I plan to finish during the 4 years.

I would like to have a career in a federal agency or possible the military. Is psyops a good decision? I know right now they are looking for people with language and computer skills mainly, but this job seems pretty interesting. How would it compare to an intelligence job, which is the usual route people take?

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Sorry I was gone for a while..

The army recruiter told me that I could enter as psyops at e4 with no degree, I would just complete some type of training at the recruitment place, I score 99% on ASVAB and 100% on all physical tests if that has anything to do with it.
Or were they trying to bullshit me to sign?

According to this, the only requirement is the ASVAB.

I'm not really interested in a linguist job... what about intelligence vs. Psyops in terms of future work, including a career in military or federal.

Thanks guys.
I love the ASVAB.

No matter how smart you are, common sense is what will save your life.

Pay attention to the X's next to each of the sections in this section on the website:

Psychological Operations Specialist (37F)

Entry Level X

Meaning it's not entry level MOS like SFC RossiJ said. You will have to enter the service and when your window opens you will reenlist for Reclass, and attend a "Brutal" Selection process similair to SFAS.

SSG in my old PLT did it he enjoyed it.

Maybe consider going into 35M.
Originally posted by SGT Smitty:
If you're wanting to work for a Federal Agency later I highly recommend linguist.

Would you explain this comment a little further. I was looking toward retirement and working for CIA/DIA/FBI/NSA and was thinking that 18X/38B/37F would get me there. I have the opportunity to go 35P...would that be the most sure path to Federal Agency employment? Why?
The army recruiter told me that I could enter as psyops at e4 with no degree, I would just complete some type of training at the recruitment place

I'm a recruiter right now. And without a Bachelors degree you cannot get E4 at all, no way possible at all. They have even changed the rules to get advanced promotions as well.

And 37F is definitely not an entry level position, just as SFC RossiJ pointed out.

The 35 series jobs would not be a bad choice if you would like a federal agency job afterwards, especially since you would have to be able to get a TOP SECRET security clearance to hold those MOS's, that would look good on a resume and mean less work they have to put into your background check.

But ultimately its your career, your decision. If you want to do PSYOP one day, I would say find an MOS that you will enjoy doing and then try to reclass to PSYOP when you are eligible.

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