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A nitpicky question that has caused some debate among our ranks:

How long is the cooldown period for regular PT supposed to be?

One side says 10-15 minutes, another says 7-12. I have looked in the FM, but havent found it. Any ideas?
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Time period depends, there is no set standard. Traditionally at all NCOES it is 5-7 minutes for warm up and cool down. Normally during unit PT it's a little longer, but in my opinion should never exceed 10 minutes. That will give everyone a longer period during the conditioning phase. It also depends on intensity of work out, more intense more time for recovery, low density less of a recovery period...IT'S ALL METT-TC!
Originally posted by djhead:
I have looked in the FM, but havent found it.
page 1-7. Big Grin

I actually make sure to Walk until reaching the BPM THEN stretch for at least 4-5minutes.

I totally agree with Double D and Smittaayy- time needed will vary based on how hard and long you worked out, along with what kind of exercises were done.
I went through WLC a few months back and the cool-down lasted 5-7 minutes. Cool-down walk was until BPM was achieved. Each cool-down stretch was for a minimum of fifteen seconds (fifteen seconds each limb or per stretch). I do two or three stretching exercises, then do a self-stretch for 1-2 minutes, then dismiss.

Each soldier is different and will need to stretch alittle differently. Try looking into TC 3-22.20, carries alot of useful info and newest updated was as of March, 2010

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