PT test & push ups

There is nothing that says how close togehter the pushups must be. The reg only states that so long as you stay in the front leaning rest or modified front learning rest (sagging in the middle, or flexing your knees, but no to the extent that they are supporting most of your weight), you are fine. I generally knock out 30 at once, take a few second brake, and then do sets of 7 or 8.


When doing your push ups, when you rst you may be burning some of your energy, so don't do it all too often.

Everyone has their own way of doing pushups, but as you will learn, different types of pushups will work differen muscle groups. (close hand, regular, diamond, wide-arm)

Whe you do your pushups on the APFT your hands cannot leave the ground or mat. but, if you start to feel like you cannot go on, try to wiggle your hands out wider without them leaving the ground. This will allow you to focus your push-up efforts on different muscles and you may be able knock out a few more. Also, when you start to get tired doing that, wiggle them back closer.

This may help you knock out a few more, but it seems like you are getting to be pretty good at the push-ups alreayd if you are up to 20 +.

When you are practicing your push-ups and you absolutely cannot do anymore, drop to your knees and knock out some more. As you do more and more, you will start to increase the amount you do.

If you have not done so already, have the recruiters take a look at your form. I can knock out lots of push-ups if I use a crappy fom, but they won't count on the APFT.

Oh wow; didn't know about the hand wiggling. Thanks for that tip! Now during the test, you're not allowed to hit your knees are you? lol When my trainer is pushin' me past the 20, I go to my knees and he's cool with that lol But I don't want to get into that habit if it's not allowed on the PT test.

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