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Random question and I'm not sure if I'm on the right forum. I have the board tomorrow morning and just got a text from my PLT leader telling me I have to come in an hour and a half early with everyone else who is going to the board and take another PT test. If any of us do not pass, then that person does not go to the board. I just took a record PT test in February and passed it, so it shouldn't be a problem, but I'm just wondering if this is common practice or if this is completely wrong.
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Could be local sop standards....or they could be just ensuring the pt scores submitted for the board are real and accurate.

Bottom line, if it ain't illegal or immoral, that constitutes an order from your superior. Boom. Do it.

It may not be common practice, but its also not completely wrong. Good luck at the board!! Big Grin
It's very common. In my unit, anyone one going to the promotion board has a PT test the morning of, graded by the 1SGs and CSM. I'm not sure if the score is used for promotion points, but if you fail, you will not be going in front of the board. Down range we would sometimes also add an M4 range the morning of the board when possible.
In case you haven't been told, the Army is downsizing in a BIG way.

The Army (and your local leadership) is using any/every means at their disposal to separate the non-hackers and hangers-on from the proficient and dedicated Soldiers.

Screw up just a little, and you will find yourself barred from re-enlistment, or chaptered out at the doubletime.

Stay flexible, and stay out of trouble.

Good Luck!

I always said if I became a CSM I would institute a 2 day promotion board that would include an APFT, Range, CTT, some form of instructing and then the formal board (which I would tell you how you did on the training and ask you a few scenarios). Enough day dreaming

I always had an APFT the morning of promotion boards I attended. It was over. And it never lasted longer then a normal morning of pt either.

It was usually no more then 10 of us and it went by quick.
I went to a BN board that had ruckmarch (timed and places according to finish), marksmanship (ES2000 though, LOL), then next day PT test, formal board, including a "task" (clear the SAW).

Other boards were not as involved, but I thought it was cool they went to that much bother and preparation.
(unfortunatley I won so had to go to the BDE board. Big Grin )
Thank you for the comments! I'd never heard of it before,and it threw me off. It's good to know that it can happen, and will make me better prepared next time. Only thing that peeves me is the late notice on the PT test. Had I known about it I wouldn't of eaten so much of my son's Easter candy!
Usually the Memorandum of Instruction (MOI) will state everything involved with the promotion board..board panel, topics and all events included such APFT, range etc. This does not jive with me you should have known well in advance everything involved with this board. Honestly, I think your leadership let you down and did not make you aware of the memorandum.

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