Even though it's no longer a requirement to graduate(not sure why), it seems that most NCOES schools still conduct them anyhow. Prepare to take it considering it's our responsibility to be able to pass at 60% anytime. Fail it and you'll receive a marginal 1059.
jmpirrie and parrara5143 are wrong and even then JGdeleon wasn't asking if they needed to pass the APFT, just if one was going to be given. I went to ALC back when all these rules were first implemented. Any course over 6 or 8 weeks (don't remember which one, sorry) counts an APFT towards graduation. Any course under that, the respective NCOA has no authority to hold it against you if you fail. You will not receive a marginal 1059 unless you fail tape which is part of the APFT process. Personally I think if you fail a simple PT test it should be used against you but regs are regs. The SGLs at the NCOA school I went to found a way to annotate whether you failed an APFT on your 1059 anyways even though they were forced to give soldiers who failed the AFPT an "achieved course standards" 1059. This is why I know a little something about this; a guy in my class failed the final APFT and still got an "achieved course standards" 1059. Guys who failed tape didn't, simple as that.

As far as Camp Cook I am not sure if they give an APFT but I know the Fort Campbell WLC doesn't anymore.
Hey guys, thank you for the replies. I just got last night the training schedule and yes, they did cancel the pt test for courses shorter than 8 weeks. I was just asking because we were all confused in my unit. In my unit we need to score 70% or more to remain there, 60% is not an option and weight well I'm not sweating that at all Cool Camp Cook is located in Ball, Louisiana.
realistik, now that you mention it that sounds correct. I thought the WLC I went to went as follows: if you fail tape you don't even finish the course, come back after you can make weight/tape, fail APFT and you get a marginal 1059, but I can't recall for sure, as often as things adujst with little notice it could've started out that way and evolved over time to its present state.

Just because the training schedule says the PT test is cancelled, don't take it as set in stone. Thats exactly how my WLC course schedule was listed but, they informed us at inprocessing that though the schedule listed the APFT as cancelled, that we still were taking them and guess what, we took 2 APFT's.
I'd just plan to take one that way you're ready for it, and if they really do cancel it then fine, so be it, but at least you were ready..cuz there will be those who aren't, both on the APFT side and weight/body fat side.
Alright guys, well I'm at WLC at Camp Cook right now, actually on a 10 min break but here it goes. There is no more PT Test but you need to pass height and weight. Training has changed big time, the PT is a joke, it's pretty much how to conduct prt, no running. There is A LOT of classes, death by power point and almost no personal time and formations every day at 0445. You spend 3 days at the field but you don't spend the night.

If you can survive the power point presentation then no one will have any problem with this course, it is very easy and all written test are open book.

Anyways hopes this help anyone who is fixing to go to WLC.

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