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I am stationed OCONUS and my DEROS is in DEC. I called my Assignment Manager yesterday to find out what was available for me. Much to my dismay I was told, 'there are no CONUS assignments that coincide with your DEROS'. My question, How is this possible? What am I supposed to do, stay here until an assignment 'opens up'? I am really confused on how this can happen. Can't the big Army manage their personnel any better than this? Since 2002, when my tour here is complete, I will have served 8+ years OCONUS. Anyone have any thoughts about this?
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I'm a 25P and was overseas in Kuwait/Qatar it was a little dificult to get my asignment back to the CONUS, I got Fort Hood.I do know that when I did get my choices Fort Hood, Fort Huachuca, And Fort Detrick were my choices. I know Fort Gordon does tend to come up with slots, but 99% of the slots there are NCO's. I can tell you if you have a HAAP don't bank on getting it honored. And don't let them push you to Korea if your not already there. I was in Kuwait with a few P's and branch tried giving them Korea telling them there was no CONUS Slots.
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I can tell you if you have a HAAP don't bank on getting it honored.

+1, they didn't care about mine. I hadn't changed rank or anything and they said they didn't have slots for me at Ft Lewis. Made a list of 8 places I'd like to go, got the last on the list. Gordon. Frowner

Agree about the 90days as well..

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