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Hi Army Studyguiders.... Any finance experts out there? I have a situational question that seems fishy to me.

Me: Staioned OCONUS on an "all Others" tour (read: no family)
Drawing OHA because there is no barracks space
Drawing BAH at duty station A rate to support family
PCS-ing to duty station B in <60 days

Spouse: Pregnant
Told by Tricare that they would not pay for medical expenses if travelling in 3rd trimester (starts in 15 days or so)
Travelled to duty station B to set up shop early, bought a house

Finance Office: Says I must continue to draw BAH at duty station A's rate until I report to duty station B.

Factors: This is about two months of over $1000 discrepancy. A < B. If our government sponsored health care said they wouldnt pay in 3rd trimester, and she left in 2nd, we should be good, right? Alternative would have been to wait 2-3 months for spouse and infant to be able to travel, while only drawing 1 housing payment.

Question: Is this correct?

edit: I'm a little miffed at the moment. If you need details, PM me.
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