Question about Child support and new accounts

Like LBeezy stated, she needs to contact the ex-husband and give him the new account information so he can either go to the Finance Office and get it changed or change it himself on his MyPay account. The ex-husband is the only one that can do anything to change it, there is nothing she can do. The only way she will be able to involve the chain of command is if he refuses to do it and even then she will need proof that she gave him the information and requested for him to change it. The reason I say she will need proof is because since he has an allotment going to her already, they can't punish him for non-payment because technically he's complying with his obligation to provide support.

Just a thought, is the old account closed? If it is, she needs to let her ex-husband know that because the old bank should be sending the allotment back to DFAS and they will have to initiate a trace if the money has not been credited back to the ex-husband's pay account.
Originally posted by LBeezy:
Contacting the ex Husband telling him to update her account on his LES, if he's not trusted, call the CO of his Company will ensure he updates it....

Tell her ass to get a job.

Why would you assume that she didn't have a job?
It sounds like she went through the right steps. The CO will probably only have a chat with him though as child support is a civil matter, not a military matter, and since you say he IS paying, just not into the account that SHE wants, he's not in violation of anything.

Has your friend looked into her states child support payment laws/resources? Some states have a system in place where the support is paid to the state and the state pays the custodial parent directly. If her state has something like that, then she could change her bank account when ever she wants and not have to deal with this again.

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