Question about ETS in the US Army Reserve. Thank you very much!

I am a soldier in Reserve(TPU: troop program unit), and my initial contract is 8 years. My ETS is coming up in couples of months, and I would like to get out of army after 8 years of service. Can someone out there tell me what I should do for processing to getting out of army? I prefer to have the details. Someone told me I need to see the retention NCO one year before ETS, is that right?
When should I see the UA(unit administrator) for processing paperwork to get out of Army? 90 days before ETS, or ASAP? What kind of paper do I need to process for ETS package? Probably how long will it take to process to formally release me?
Also, I was re-assigned to 99th RRC due to medical issues(TTHS), and my drill unit is under a different RRC. In this case, how should I process my paperwork to get out of Army? How long will it take to process ETS package?
Thank you very much!
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Normally it shouldn't be that bad of a process, but the medical issues you mentioned will certainly throw a monkey wrench in the average time line where it would make it case by case. Daddy Warcrimes would be the expert on this though, shoot him a PM.

who is Daddy Warcrimes? Thanks.
I would be interested to hear what others have to say on this. To me it seems that the impact of the change to TTHS was not thought through as a whole and there are a lot of unanswered questions as far as who has responsibility for handling situations like this.

Ultimately your RRC command should be supporting the your same DRC so the information flow should be seamless. But that's just a thoery.
I've never seen any hard and fast time frames to start separation, but 90 days seems about right.

IAW USAR poster 6-R (Army Reserve Retention Action Chart) you should be counseled by your career counselor or DARN 13 and 4 months prior to ETS.

The only paperwork I am familiar with is a an outprocessing checklist. I'm only familiar with it because your career counselor must sign off on it. Theoretically, you can't leave the Reserve without first talking to him about your potential loss of benefits.

The one thing I must warn you of:
Continue to drill as required until your discharge orders are effective. I've seen plenty of Soldiers get unexcused absences after they had ETSed. This could possibly (although unlikely) result in things like reduction in rank or less than desirable discharge. Get enough of them and you'll wind up with a significant debt to the government (insurance that normally comes out of your drill pay).

Regardless of ETS, you're still in the Army until you get that discharge order.

Are you on a 6x2 right now?
Hi I have a question regarding your answer. You mention continuing to drill after you ETS until you have received discharge papers. Does this speak for those who have completed more than their first full term? I ask because after your ETS date is passed, your ID is no longer valid and many post guards will confiscate it - thus leaving you with no military identification. But, you are saying you still may be required to drill and wait on discharge papers?

Thank you!

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