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Hi my wife had an appointment with her doctor and my Sgt is asking me for a appointment slip. is he right asking me for the appointment slip?


Yeah, he is not asking for personal information or medical information about you or your spouse, just a slip that has a date and time to track your appointments...if I was asking a Soldier for this is b/c he already has faked appointments before to get out of work...
This is perfectly fine.

1. Why are you going to the appt with your wife? Is she pregnant and you want to be there for the ultrasound? Or is this more of a support thing? If not, is she capable of driving herself??? If she is then she should be driving herself. He has every right to get the appointment slip for this appointment slip. Because while you are out, he will have to answer to someone and this will give him something to back YOU and himself up. Also, if you are going to go to every doctors appt with her then that means that your team will have to pull your slack while you go and hang out with her for hours on her appointment. Is she of age and capable to taking care of herself? Some Soldiers believe that because we are in the Army and that the Army supports families and because we as leaders will allow time off for some appointments that this should and sometimes becomes the norm and then becomes "expected". If you have "nothing to hide" then you should not have found this offensive and should support your supervisor, who is just wanting to support you and also wants to explain to the PSG and 1SG when they ask where you are and why you are missing something that you may should be at. Also, it will cause a breakdown in the teamwork for your team and will cause jealousy and animosity between them and you and they will look at you as one who looks for ways to get out of things and they already know they will have to pull your weight. My advice is Do Not go to appointments with her unless they are absolutely necessary for you to be there. I.E. pregnant and she is finding out the birth that day, She finding out if she has a serious disease etc... Otherwise, you will be ostracized by the very Soldiers that you will be dependent upon during Combat. So again, what is the big deal about helping him help and support you by giving him an appointment slip? Are you hiding something??? I have had Soldiers tell me that they had appointments and then showed up to the location of the appointment and they were not there. I have also had them give me appointment slips then they didn't show when I was there to verify. Lots of Soldiers do this as a means to ditch out on things that they do not want to attend. This may not be the case with you and I hope it is not. But just by you posing the question, it does seem fishy and does give the appearance that you do not like him checking on you. Which is his job but also tells us that you may be a Soldier that has given him reason in the past for him to verify this.

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