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Hey everyone. Well the last time I wrote on here I was in Iraq. I am back now and waiting on going to school to become an 88n traffic management coordinator. I did TDY and return so I am returning to Fort Hood after schooling in July is done. I have no orders yet for a new unit and I think it's cause I get them 2 weeks before I finish school. So yeah not to sure but I would like to get a unit before I leave for school. If anyone has any suggestions and could possibly give me an insight on possible units or positions at Fort Hood that I could get it would be much appreciated.
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Okay guys I realize that this is not a popular forum. I have one more question and hopefully someone will answer. Okay I called up transportation branch. I asked bout getting orders for a unit at Fort Hood upon completion of schooling. I start school in July and end in August. I have done TDY and Return and it has been accepted. Ne ways they told me none of the units are requesting 88n. I then asked what will happen with me seen how I am going back to Fort Hood ( mainly cause the issue of my son's EFMP was brought up and that's why the TDY and Return was excepted ). Well they told they don't know and it's not up to them and that it is up to the reclass branch. So they gave me the number but noone answers the damn thing no matter what time I call. Plus whoever I ask about the reclass branch noone knows what I'm talking bout. I've asked plenty of 1sgs and even my ops SGM and CSM bout it. They all confused. So if anyone could give me some insight I would really appreciate it. Other people in my troop who are recassing already have orders to there next unit and they haven't even gone to school.So I know it's possible. Just need a little help.
You will most likely go to a Bde or Division MCT as excess personnel until the slot opens on Ft Hood (whichever one has the earliest projected loss in your grade). Heck, there may even be a slot available, but no requisition in due to lower than average OPTEMPO. There are many positions you may find yourself in, MCT being the most common, but you could be at the ITO (Installation Transportation Office), working container management, etc. The only place 88N's are still used in personal property offices (that I have seen) are those in 25th Trans, Korea. I never used that portion of the training given.

At all costs... AVOID DUTY IN A CTC OR ACD!!! That is where you will spend 12 hour shifts at a port with a scanner and clipboard losing your mind. My 3 years in an ACD setting were enough to make me reclass to 88M.

<-88M, former 88N.
Being that my husband and I just went through this our selves here is what we had to do. Go to your retention NCO 90 days prior to your school date. They will send a wire to HRC for assignment. You should here back from HRC fairly quickly. I think ours took about a week. I am also assuming you reenlisted with option 3. That is what had done so this was our experience. Our school is in July and we are finally on assignment. Hope this helps.
If you are TDY and return to Hood, you don't have to have pinpoint orders to a unit. You will still have to report to 21st Replacement and from their strength management will assign you. 189th Transportation battalion is short on 88N's don't worry you will get a slot.
Thankyou for all the responses guys. Well I forgot to update cause I've been really busy lately. Anyways I finally got an answer from the reclass/retention branch. They told me that I'm going back to 3ACR. Now I was like okay well that's weird, cause I thought there was only one slot authorized for 3ACR. Well there like we don't know but that's where you are going cause you reenlisted for it. I told them hell no I didn't, I reenlisted to come back to Fort Hood not 3ACR. I don't want anything to do with the damn unit. Well I went up to the Regiment and snooped around. I finally found the 88N that works up there and she is an E-7 and she had just finished clearing. She told me that I would not be coming there cause it's only an E-7 slot and it's already filled. I might go to SPO or RHHT as an extra but that would be screwing me over cause I would not be doing my job. I ended up talking to the Regimental CSM and COL and they told me if it happens that I'm sent back that they would work on sticking me somewhere in the Regiment but I still would not be doing my job, similar but not the same. So yeah it makes me mad cause I asked the branch people to place me in a different unit, so yeah don't know. Well if there is any info or more input I'm curious and all ears.
What is RGR. Just curious kinda lost by that. Hopefully I'll know more in about a week. My school packet was completed and my 1560 will be completed soon. The 75th Ranger Regiment keeps sending me crap, lol telling me they want 88M/N. I'm kinda interested in going back to Fort Riley but my son is better here in Hood. So if that's the case I would like 13th ESC to pick me up.
LOL I just relized that I could've asked the question in my last post in here. Yeah I'm tired, bout 2 weeks worth of ranges and studying for school and completeing correspondance courses would do that. plus 2 little boys that want to stay up till 11 at night. not cool lol

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