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I have a very mild heart murmur and I was wondering if this would disqualify me from joining active duty. I have had an echocasrdiogram and there was nothing found wrong with my heart. I believe the MOS that I am going for is 91k.
Any info about heart murmurs would be greatly appreciated.

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Have to spoke with a recruiter yet? What you will need to do is gather all your medical documents pertaining to this issue. A recruiter will have you sign some paper work and send it up to MEPS. A doctor will review it and decide if you are qualified to take to physical. If he says yes(he probably will if it is as mild as you say) then you can go to the physical. Once there you will probably be sent out to a private doctor for more testing. Ultimately you will either be denied enlistment or accepted with a medical waiver depending on the severity of the condition. Good luck!
Thank You I spoke with my recruiter yesterday evening. I never had even thought of the problem before I was just browsing the internet yesterday and reading about someone who was denied because of it.
I have my doctor's office copying the documents and I am getting them to the recruiter tonight. I have my path planned and I am little stressed this might mess it up.

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