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If i were to enlist as a 68W combat medic could i continue after my training to go to ranger school? or do you have to go infantry to go to ranger school? if so, could i enlist as infantry then go to ranger school then later on change my MOS to 68W?
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You do not have to be infantry to volunteer for Ranger school. You can go to ranger school from any MOS, but it is harder to get with some MOS's.

You should know that in Ranger school your group must complete the course/school together. If one fails, you all fail. There was a Captain in my unit who went through the course four times before he got his ranger tab.
so would the knowledge learned through the training you would receive through infantry give you an advantage in completing ranger school over another MOS such as 68W or will they teach you everything you need to know? I really want to become a ranger or be a part of an elite force but I also want to be a medic and i just want to know the best route to go.
Yes, being in the infantry will better prepare you for Ranger school than any other MOS, other than 18 Series. Ranger school is nothing more than an intense infantry leadership school.
Depending on what types of units or assignments you get in other MOS's you may be exposed to the training that will prepare you for the school.
I disagree that being infantry makes you better qualified for ranger school, I am a 31B, and we do all of the infantry training plus some, so I would say that we are as qualified for it as an 11B, but yes there is alot of marching with your equipment, so infantry and military police have an advantage because they do alot of that anyways.
I disagree that Mp's do all we do plus some... either way though, if you want ranger chose a low density mos, like admin clerk... it makes your chances of actually making it to a ranger bn. even better, because there are lots of infantrymen in the army...not too many admin..
Somebody help me! Im currently in the MOS 14H. I cant stand this unit, im all about hands on. This MOS isnt about that at all. I want to do more with my career and want to push myself to the limits! I feel like being an Army Ranger would put me to better use in the Army! Thanks in advanced for ANY advice you can offer!

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