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OK, WLC seems to change every week. I finished SSD1. I would like to try and go to WLC next month or thereafter. What are the steps I need to take. Get with my UA I suppose is step 1.I'm reserve and not active. There's nobody else in my reserve unit that would have a clue, we have no first SGT or anything like that.
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just talk to your readiness NCO, and he will be able to register you for WLC.

best bet, talk to your FLL, or SL first though.. you may think you are ready for WLC, but they may have other thoughts.

No my unit has been pushing to get me and few others to WLC, but with the new changes people just don't know how to get it done. I guess I should have stated in the original post my commander etc etc are trying to get me in. Really pushing hard to get it done. Just so you know that Hellz. However, we don't have a readiness NCO. We are an Ultra small unit and we just got back from a deployment so over half the unit left when we got back to our det. We just got a new commander as well. We have a retention NCO in the Bldg, but he's not with our unit. Also, higher command I am sure has to pass off on the courses, so it has to filter up.
Well your leaders in your unit need to work out the issue. Whoever is the 1SG, Detachment SGT, whoever needs to coordinate on getting their Soldiers to schools. Someone that supports you has access to ATTRS to reserve a school slot.

That is your leadership's responsibility.
well ultimately, some higher element has to be tracking you and responsible for you.

if you dont have a readiness NCO, or someone who can reserve classes for you, have your leadership talk to BN, or BDE.. somene has to be able to get you in..
To the OP, each state has a Schools NCO that is responsible for the coordination of school assignment and funding. As Hellz mentioned, just keep gong higher with your CoC until you get the issue resolved. You need to get on ATRRS and look up 600-C44. That is the course number. You will also need to get the Commanders Memorandum and TASS Checklist completed. Your attendance will ultimately be up to the units budget. Your unit send you unit pays for it, DA selected DA pays. Same for ALC and SLC.

Here is a word of advice. When you attend the course, your fall under the same course requirements as the AD. So start brushing up your LandNav and APFT to standard. The APFT and is conducted the first week. Height and weight is conducted the day of inprocessing. The APFT is conducted to STANDARD IAW FM 7-22.

If you have any questions or concerns PM me. I am a WLC SGL.
Thanks guys. My UA is trying to get me into the next WLC. That's what he says, so I'll have to believe him and yes I did see course in ATRRS. Thanks for that guys. Yeah I see plenty of classes and I have finished SSD1 so I at least should be put in the queue for it.

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