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Any specific justificiation for such policy toward prior service?
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If (JKL) is the correct code then it falls under Sexual I hope its a typo and he just meant (JKQ) which is a misconduct I believe...JKQ requires a 2 year wait after discharge for a waiver to be submitted
AR 601-210

4–22. Nonwaivable medical, conduct, and administrative disqualifications
The following disqualifications cannot be waived:
a. Intoxicated or under influence of alcohol or drugs at time of application, or at any stage of processing for
b. Having history of psychotic disorders or state of insanity at time of application for enlistment.
c. Questionable conduct character.
d. Alcoholism.
e. Drug dependence.
f. Sexual perversion.

Further, personnel separated as a result of the
convicted sex offender policy are not eligible to enter or reenter the three components of the Army. There is no grandfather clause to this policy. A review of the applicability regarding this regulatory provision to any applicant will
be made by the USAREC Staff Judge Advocate (SJA) or the Senior Judge Advocate for ARNG. Applicants who are or have been listed on any Federal or State Sex Offender Registry may not enlist, no waivers are authorized

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