My husband is re-enlisting this Wednesday to go to Washington for his job in infantry. We were wondering some things, since coming to his current recruiting assignemtn was our first PCS.
His report date is set to be some time in December.
Now, we both understand that he must be cleared and out of this government housing before he is free from USAREC and able to report to Washington, right?
Ok, so I have asked him this several times and he does not no, so where do we stay when we get to Washington?
I saw on the website that there is temporary housing but I think that is only meant to last a few days, not months and months until our number comes up on the waiting list for governemtn housing there.
Im sorry, I dont really understand how this works.
Any help would be appreaciated.
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His report date will be the 10th of whatever month he's to report and yes, you must clear your current housing before moving into new housing. Also, you cannot be placed on the waitlist until you report and the date they will use for priority will be the date you cleared your last housing.

I'm assuming your husband will be assigned to The Old Guard on Fort Myer, VA.

The best housing in the area (and where most Soldiers stay) is on Fort Belvoir. This will be about a 25 mile drive, but you've got a nice size PX and one of the largest (if not the largest) commissary on the east coast.

Find out more about Fort Bevloir Family Housing at:

Good luck with your assignment.
If it is Ft Lewis you will not get family housing for at least a year. Thats how long the wait list is. You will have to find a place off post and rent for that year or find a place to buy. If you do rent talk with other soldiers there. Your husband is going to have a decent little commute to work but what is nice about living off post there is that when you leave work Tacoma is not a military town so it doesnt feel like you are always around military like some other large bases. It has been 4 years since I was there and from what I have heard they are renocating all of the housing and over on North Fort the houses are awesome.
It has been 4 years since I was there and from what I have heard they are renocating all of the housing and over on North Fort the houses are awesome.

renocating? I'm sorry do you mean renovating.
Sorry to be stupid and ask but, It may be military lingo so I never know.

A year for military housing?!!??.. OM goodness!.
I hope we find somewhere nice. Unlike our first apartment at Ft. Bragg BIG Spiders which mommy does not like. ROACHES!! people drinking yelling and screaming running thru the parking lot with what I think was a gun. I can go on but, no thanks. We have 2 little baby boys so I am so scared on where we live.
yea I meant renovating (me and my fat fingers). As far as finding a nice place off base. There are plenty of nice places off base. You actually will find better places to live off base than you will on base. Like I said before Tacoma isnt a military town so you wont see that type of stuff. Now there are bad neighborhoods in the area which is why I said to make sure and talk to people when you all first get there. For sure stay away from living in Tillicum which is right off post. Ft Lewis was an awesome place to be stationed. You are only about 45 minutes away from Seattle. Tacoma is also a pretty big city so there is plenty to do as well. Enjoy your time there I would go back there in a heartbeat.
So if anyone who reads this is from or has been to lewis it would be appreciated if we knew beforehand the names of these bad places.
Also, if we are in one housing area on base and want to go to a different one, can we put our name on the list of that other housing area and when our name comes up we move in?
Was lookign for rental houses in the area but not much luck.
I am at lewis now. When you apply for housing you get to pick the village you will move to that you are qualified for (depending on rank, childrens ages, etc.) The wait times vary, go to and find the lewis info and there will be links to post housing and the wait times. I can almost guarantee nothing is immediately available on post. Where you live will be based on a lot of things. I live in Spanaway and commute about 20 mins each way. Lacey is a good area to look too. There is also a lot of links to real estate agencies that have property management (for rentals) on the onestop website. Everything depends on how far you want to commute, where you want to live and how much you want to spend.
E5 Two boys one toddler one baby. We would like to live 20 minutes away no further.

I have tried to find apartments but, I really do not want to go that route again at all.
The first time we did not have kids and I dont want to go thru the horror apartment we did at Bragg but, this time with two kids.
I pay 1375 a month in rent for a house identical to one selling for 250k, so it would all depend on the interest rate you get on your mortgage. If you are interested in buying check out, they have houses in yelm that are brand new for around 200k, about a 30 min commute. You also have to consider homeowners insurance and taxes you will have to pay. Seeing that you only need a three bedroom house you can probably do pretty well with buying up here.

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