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I am serving in the Active Duty Army as an enlisted soldier, looking to better my quality of life within the military. I am actively trying to commission and I am trying to go about it one of two ways; 1) Switching to NG and going ROTC or 2) Green to Gold. I have a meeting set up with a retention NCO and he, hopefully, will shed some light on both subjects. My questions were as follows; How much weight does a Retention NCO carry with your CO? If he puts a good word in for me, will my CO dismiss it or will he take it into consideration? Also, how can I Impress the retention NCO? How do I make myself look like the best candidate for this to my CO and Retention NCO? Through all the research that has been done on my part, I found that going NG would be the best option for me since I have no schooling. I know how hard both of these will be to carry out, I am just looking for help and advice, not discouragement.
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It's possible but I highly doubt it that you will be released from your active duty contract to go NG. You are willing to attempt it but the decision does not lie with your CO. It has to go higher up the chain and that is where the denial most likely will happen.

The opinion will be is that you are not happy with active duty life and trying to find a way to get out of it.

Going from NG to AD on a DD368 is much easier to do. I did it twice. But even with the draw down that is pulling teeth as well. Prior service rules are hindering that too. Not trying to burst your bubble, just giving you the reality of your situation.

Also, the NG recruiter will initiate the DD 368; not the retention NCO.
Youre not bursting my bubble at all, you're giving me information and that's what Im in the need for the most. Do you mind shedding some light on your experience to possible help me in my endeavor to look like the best candidate for this? Also, ive heard things that maybe you can de bunk or support, such as: since im leaving to enter a commission program it will be easier than just trying to switch with no reason.

I am very happy with the military, just feel like my decision to enlist wasn't as well thought out as I thought. I am thirsty for more responsibility and want to progress through the ranks as an officer rather than enlisted. I am not trying to discredit any NCO's in my unit, just feel as though my goals can be reached through a different path.
That is the conundrum of your quest. You are requesting a release from your current commitment without no proof of being locked in a commissioning program from the NG. It is not like an active duty Air Force or Navy person submitting his DD 368 because he got selected for the active duty WO program.

What can you show that you will be actively involved in an NG SMP program? How can you show that if the NG cannot provide you that until you are in the Guard.

What has the NG recruiter told you thus far? Do you have the DD 368 filled out by the NG recruiter? Because they will have to show what unit you will go to. Also, what school will you attend for Army ROTC?

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Okay, heres my new and improved gameplan after reading those. I will contact the college I am enrolled in, SIUE/Southern Illinois University-Edwardsville, and see if I can't get signed up for some classes starting next year. In this I will take the required classes for ROTC to show that I am entering a commission program. Maybe that will show that I am committed to this new venture of mine. Also, I made it a point to talk to my CO first to show that I want his approval before I start any of the paperwork, figure he might look at it as being disrespectful. I have gathered some information through a local NG recruiter but haven't started any paperwork. Do you recommend that I start one? I want to look as best as possible so this is an easy decision, in favor of my request, for my COC
Also, I informed one of the companies Platoon Sergeants about my goal during a 24 hour CQ shift and he said ive got a great amount of potential as an officer, he really likes me. I was going to ask him to put a good word in for me but not sure if that would step on anyone's toes.

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