questoin about gettin to go ranger

2. Enlisted personnel. Ranger training is available on a voluntary basis for enlisted soldiers who are in the following MOSs:

11B - Infantryman

11C - Indirect Fire Infantryman

11H - Heavy Anti-armor Weapons Infantryman

11M - Fighting Vehicle Infantryman

12B - Combat Engineer (In companies that directly support Infantry battalions)

13F - Fire Support Sergeant (Habitually associated in direct support to Infantry battalions)

14S - Avenger Crewman (Habitually associated in direct support to Infantry battalions)

CMF 18 - Special Forces Personnel

19D - Cavalry Scout

19K - Armor Crewman

Those enlisted soldiers of any MOS or specialty assigned to Ranger Coded Positions within the 75th Ranger Regiment or Ranger Training Brigade may attend.
I'm a 25M (Multimedia illustrator) aka "COMBAT CRAYOLA". There are 25M's assigned to the 4th POG and within the 9th PSYOPS Battalion and there are 25M's in that unit who are Ranger tabbed. However, the 9th PSYOPS is the tactical battalion in the 4th POG. There are also Reserve PSYOPS units that have tactical platoons and have soldiers who are Ranger tabbed in those units as well.

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