Quick question - am I out of options?

I'm running out of options as far as reenlistment goes. So basically, I'm in a very over strength MOS (red thru SSG) and the only option I'm being given is 2-year reenlistment for needs of the Army due to being close to my RCP (6 yrs TIS next month). Are waivers at all granted for reenlisting to reclass, say upon conditional completion of a PMOS-producing school, or not at all under any circumstances?

I'd like to stay AD but it's looking like I'm being forced out or the only good option now for me to continue to serve is the RC more or less.

BASD: 20091028
Current ETS: 20161022
RCP: 20171027
Rank: CPL/P
MOS: 91C1

Any and all guidance is greatly appreciated. Like I said, I talked to two badged career counsellors (1 AD, 1 RC) and neither seemed to know if any such waivers could be granted. I thought, maybe if I reclassed to a short course (like an OSUT) I might get away with getting CLI or course promoted, then be forced to re-up again or something... Or am I screwed?
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Hmm, I'm pretty sure exception to policy for RCP is DA level. Anyway, when I switched to 35L it was 18 month TIS remaining upon course completion requirement incursion prior attending the course at which point SPC are promoted automatically under SMAP and can then re-enlist in their new unit. The problem is that the interview and application process, adjudication of the application and then waiting for a course can take upwards of two years alone. Perhaps if you put in a packet immediately and then inquired with both branches to get an ETP for RCP after you got accepted.

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