Ranger, Master Gunner, or Battle Staff? Career Enhancement?

I am currently a SSG in recruiting and will be going back to the Infantry this Fall. I have always wanted to accomplish all of these schools, but I am on orders for Fort Hood. My question is which school is the best for career advancement and why? Has anyone accomplished any of these schools and advice they can give. Thank you.
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Ranger. Haven't been but I know where I came from an Infantry SSG with a tab was GOD. Battle staff will turn you into a staff weenie, and while it might look good when you're getting looked at for 7, it's not going to do anything for you on the line. Same thing for Master Gunner, I know people who have gone but there's something about having that tab that you are instantly identifiable as your shit not stinking.
If you want to do all, go ranger because you're not going to get any younger.

Master gunner would be useful for your career if we were still 11M, but would probably not hold much value in a light unit. I'm guessing since the B/M consolidation, there is feasibly a shortage of MGs, so that should be taken into account later.

Battle staff will be useful no matter where you go. Keep in mind your career may take you away from the infantry somewhere down the line.
Ranger School, without question.

You don't meet a lot of Infantry CSM's without a Ranger tab, and you won't meet any Infantry Officer's above the rank of Captain without a tab. That doesn't only matter to your CoC, but think about the guys who sit on that centralized board. It's the good ole boy system, plain and simple.
I would say Ranger school, without a doubt. Like someone said earlier. Battle Staff is a great challenging course, I have never been, but most people I know who have end up in a Staff job once they have the required Squad Leader or PSG time. In the Heavy Infantry world (Bradleys and Tanks) Master Gunner is everything, however you could end of working at Battalion or Brigade as the Master Gunner as you gain rank. I am Ranger qualified, and I can say no matter where you go a Ranger Tab opens up doors. You leave Infantry Branch and fall under Ranger Branch so you get more say so over your career. It's the best Military Leadership school, every branch of service can attend and when you graduate you will feel like "the man" with a wealth of knowledge.

However Ranger school is far from easy. Good luck
Go to Ranger school

less than 1% of the nation joins the Army
less than 1% of the Army joins the Infantry
less than 1% of the Infantry are Ranger qualified

My statistics are probably wrong but you get what I am saying. Seems simple to me, you are practically guarenteed SFC before most of your peers. Walk around the PX or wherever and count how many tabbed enlisted soldiers you see.

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