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Hi, I am a 13F so I thought I would post this here, but if it is mis-categorized, please point me to the right section. I just got an email back from the 75th LNO with a packet for Ranger school and one of the items I need is a letter of intent. I looked online for some examples but came up empty. My battle already working towards Ranger, just got back from Airborne, but his LOI was "whack" as they called it. I agree. So if anybody has an example, I would love to see it.
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1st off buddy, take this with no offense, but you are confused.

The LNO from 75th Ranger Regiment is to get you into RASP 1 or 2. Not Ranger School. You will got to Ranger school right away after RASP if you graduate top of your RASP class or just go once you get settled and establish yourself in Regiment.

After successfully completing RASP then you will go to 1/75,2/75,3/75 or 75th HQ/ STB

Your letter of intent is suppose to be written from the heart. Presenting yourself as best as you can stating who you are, why you want to be apart of Regiment and what you bring to the table. It should be well written but filled with emotions.

Your buddy's LOI was probably "whack" because it was generic and plain.

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