RCP ETS and how it effects your Discharge (Honorable/Dishonorable)?

My 7 year mark as a SPC was on 31JAN2014. My ETS date is on 26MAY2015. My 8 year mark will be on 31JAN2015.

Will they involuntarily separate me before my ETS date? Will this change in RCP for SPC give me anything less than an Honorable Discharge?
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Since RCP is not due to misconduct; I will bet that you will receive a full honorable. Your narrative and re-code will explain the reason for involuntary discharge.


There are five types of discharges and a dishonorable is only given at a general court martial. The first three (honorable, general under honorable, other than honorable) are the ones that probably apply to your case. But an OTH usually is given for misconduct issues (.e.g article 15s).

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The thing is, is RCP does not effect your contractual ETS date. For example I'm an E5 sitting at 10 years. I just reenlisted for five years right before the new RCPs were put into place. If I don't get promoted I will RCP as an E5 at 15 years due to my contract.
@NCO Neher, The new reg says Soldiers past there RCP BECAUSE of lose of rank or loss of promotable status has 90 to get out. Theres nothing that specifies about people who are just in. Im a SPC(P) coming up on 10 yrs, thats contracted till SEPT 2015. My unit is saying i have to go, yet its been a month and have noe orders. Orders get cut 90 days from the date you get out. The unit we work for says that we are grandfathered in and they are not clearing the soldiers that have contracts spanning past there RCP. Non of there soldiers have recieved orders either. There needs to be more guidance.

Off tpoic i had orders for May to PCS for Korea, at the same time of this theres now a nice bonus for those going to Korea....sigh

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