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I currently hold the MOS 11B, I am also currently hold a (P) status under CLI. I was suppose to go to the board last month in November but unfortunately I did not attend. Today I ask my PSG and PL if I can go to the Promotion board as of January since I just missed the December board today.

Let me explain how it went down. As I shut the door as they wanted to speak to me privately. They weren't in agreement my PL wants me to attend a Promotion Board as he said but my PSG disagree.

PSG states:
"you are reclassing and I think If you get promoted it may hinder you for 20 skill level for that new MOS which is 35S. but don't misunderstand that you are stellar soldier no doubt about it and you do deserve to be promoted as an Infantryman."

I did plead that they're many NCOs from Staff Sergeant to Sergeant. Reclassing all the time. There is no intermediate vs basic class for Reclass its just 10 level basic course.

What can I do to build my case to convince my PSG about the promotion board. That kind leave me stagnate. I already been hold the the roll of Squad Leader for the last 7 months as a SPC. I currently hold 268 Pt score, expert qualification and I take my job pretty serious. How do not deserve the opportunity to go to the board? Is he right for doing so? Should I held back because I choose to further my career in another MOS.

What are my options.
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Sounds like there maybe more going on here. If the PL is telling you yes and the Platoon Sergeant is telling you no. There's a disconnect somewhere. You might want to talk to your 1SG about it. If the Platoon Sergeant doesn't want to send you to the promotion board he needs to put it down on a DA 4856 Counseling form explaining why and how you can get there. If not go complain to the PL or 1SG about it.
@seniornco3000 I totally agree, I haven't signed a non promotion since my last duty station which was language school, which there I attended a mock board and that board wasn't MOS specific. I agreed with those counseling since I felt I rather dedicate my time to passing the course then promotion at the moment. Now at my current duty station I haven't had counseling since I got here which was my Initial and first month monthly counseling last November. I conduct my guys counseling monthly I should have known better to also ask for mine. With that being said I was put CLI last June and I actually didn't know what that meant till my Section Sergeant explain that I do deserve to be promoted going to board or not. I rather just attend a board since I already have the points before being even put on CLI. From the time of arriving to Fort Drum I held a leadership position Team Leader upon arrival the bump to Squad Leader till now or till I leave. I have to accept I only should be recommend for promotion only if I stay Infantry. I did have learning curve being tossed into a leadership position but I adapted and overcame and moved up in position. It's not right I should not be given the proper NCO development. I plan to talk to my PSG once more since he left the conversation with he will think about it.

Side note:
The funny thing is I'm being recommended to go to PreRanger Course which I took an assessment already but I can't get NCOES school like WLC which I put my packet together or a board. I leave in 7 months and I already held my rank for far too long.
I agree with your PSG. I will give you my input:

I think it is awesome that you are a stellar soldier. I do not think that anything else is going on in your Plt like another person commented.

My job as a Senior NCO is to ensure that personnel are promoted to lead. I don't promote great soldiers; I promote people that I think can and will be good leaders.

Getting promoted is not a right. That sounds kind of crappy, but if I feel that there is something that will hold the soldier back, I won't promote them immediately. Once you are in that position, you are IT for the soldiers underneath you. You are expected to be proficient because you are ultimately a teacher and mentor (as well as parent, sometimes). I have seen good soldiers be ruined or get out of the military because of their first line leader.

If you are going to reclass, take the time to go through the training and get proficient. I know you ultimately feel like you are being punished for reclassing, but that isn't it.
I will also comment on NCOs reclassiing. I think it is a bad idea, especially for SSG and above. There is a huge learning curve, depending on how technical the MOS is. When you reclass to an MOS and you get to a duty station, you are expected to perform as "SSG whateverMOS". It presents complications and is frustrating for the NCO, their superiors, and their soldiers when they may have the rank, but not the experience in the MOS.

I'm not saying that I don't think that people should be able to reclass or that NCOs shouldn't be able to reclass; I think that everyone should be given the opportunity to make career decisions. I'm just saying that there is a learning curve.
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I definitely understand what you mean. Do you also agree I shouldn't even ask for NOCES school like WLC which is a non MOS specific school since I'm reclassing. Please keep mind have been held above my peers and hold leadership position and have guys that I am in charge of as well. I hold date of rank of SPC since NOV 2011. I hope you didn't get the misconception I haven't been tested and tryed as an NCO already form mentoring to leading. I earned my position and continue to earn it everyday till I leave.
That tidbit about WLC was overlooked the first couple of posts, but just like SSD, you should complete it to have the necessary requirements to go to the board and to be taken seriously that you are ready for the next rank. The school gets to evaluate your leadership skills and if you can get that Honor Grad, then more ammo for you.

Interesting topic to debate and I appreciate the MSGs input and I agree with many of her points. The Army has been know to promote much faster compared to the other services and changes are warranting more time in grade to be better prepared and experienced for the next level. But you will always have fast trackers.
I don't in any way think that you are lacking. I hope I didn't give that impression with my comments.

I also want to say that I hope I didn't give the impression that I don't like reclassing soldiers;I think in many cases they make very strong soldiers and I think it is a great way to combine skills.

I think a great leader can be thrust into a situation where they are not technically competent. I do think that the higher rank you get, the more apparent it becomes.

I think that no matter what, you strive for development. I do think that you should continue to try to go to WLC. I think that WLC should be available to all SPC/above because it is a developmental tool.
Just and up date.
I attend promotion board at right after WLC. I graduated on Commandants List. It was great preparation for the board, I was picked up the month after. I also was registered for SSD2 and is completed.

Thanks for all the input and I am currently waiting for my opportunity for a promotion board for SSG.

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