Re-classed, Prior Service Question. (A lot of Venting, Sorry)

Hey hey all okay so I have been in the army for a little over two years now... And Honestly for me its been a struggle. Basic was tough mentally but we all get through it fine move on looking back its a blur. But then I got to Fort Gordon home of the Signal Core in October 17th 2008. Will never forget that day. I was going to school for 25U training, something I found out very fast I didn't like as much as the recruiter made me think I did. Now over the course of 21 months that I was at fort Gordon for AIT you can imagine I was doing something wrong. I got in trouble didn't know if I could be in the army if I wanted to stay I was a mess. I got it all squared away and my head on straight after some corrective training in the form of UCMJ and realizing I had to take care of more people then myself.

Thats a light back story. Pretty much I graduated AIT in September 15th 2009. In February I got orders to Fort Campbell, Kt in January 2010 and somehow on the civilians end something went wrong orders cut. Got orders again to Korea (Second time got some way back when I was in school still), this was good. Where I wanted to go, I had all my overseas screenings done from before. All packed up and ready to go, sit through the briefing and then security tells me that something is wrong with my security clearance and that I need to talk to my Co about re-class or fixing the issue. On top of being pissed that twice now i have had orders just out of my reach I bought a plane ticket myself for HRAP and it was never refunded to me (From Georgia to California). I talk to him no one knows whats going on I get re-classed to 91C and a week later im in Fort Lee.

Okay its about a month since I have been in Fort Lee and I just got into class. I talked to my 1Sgt and fixed my security issue. Pretty much my last Co came into the company I was in half way through my training and never sent a Memorandum from when I got in trouble saying everything is fine im not getting chaptered ect. Since security never got that notice my clearance was on hold but my 1SGT at fort lee figured the whole issue out in 2 days and told me I would be dual MOS when I graduate form 91C school. Also told me she would look into Prior service for me since I am MOS-T from my last AIT and have my MOS certification. Its been a few weeks and I don't see myself being Prior service here so I looked into it.

Tradoc 350-6 Article 2-2, Number 7 (g) (Tradoc Regulations) states that and I quote "Soldiers who have completed AIT and been awarded an MOS shall be
considered permanent party Soldiers for purposes of privileges once they attend additional skill identifier or their first unit of assignment."

Based on that I think that since i have all the training certification and my clearance I should be able to be Prior service, or at least have phase V Privileges. But on the 4th of July weekend I was granted no pass or privileges and instead was stuck with the people who just go here that week from BCT to go on a trip in class A's instead of being able to see my wife.

Pretty much don't know if I am being treated unfairly or going about surfacing the issue the wrong way. It's just I have a lot of problems because I have been in AIT for so long, I realize a lot of its my fault but I also have not had it easy on things NCO's should be able to help me with. Even now going about everything here at Lee through my Platoon SGT I have had a pay issue from three months ago not being taken care of, because I seen the Pay inquiry that handed to him sitting on his desk two weeks later...
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