Re-classing to 68p question about housing and if family will be able to join

I am reclassing to 68p, and will have about 6mths in Fort Sam, and about 6mths in my other location. I was wondering,(because of the length of my training)if the army would provide housing for me and my family? If so, what on my part can I start doing to set it up?
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Post Housing will be kinda hard to get at Ft Sam as a student, but you can start looking at apartments online. Most nearby aren't the best.

It's only 6 months though, so just have the fam roll with the punches.

20 weeks or longer is a PCS move.

What you CAN AND SHOULD DO on your end is ensure you take MAXIMUM leave to set up things in TX VERY close to post (What this means with FULL CAPS LOCK ON is to have YOUR HOUSING WITHIN 5 MINUTES FROM POST INCLUSIVE OF TRAFFIC, otherwise you will end up like my dumb ass and have a 45-1hr commute in the evening when you should be studying or spending time with fam). If you blow that one off you will regret it, just for gas bills live close . So take 44 days leave and ensure you take permissive TDY on your loosing installations side (a total of 54 days) as your gaining side will most likely not let you take permissive TDY. You can also sign in to your new unit early, so take 44 days and if you need em fine, if not sign back in.

Its a really good school you are going to, and I am happy for you, but don't blow it by living too far away. Even 6 miles away in San Antonio evening traffic will SUCK.
I went thru 68p school several years ago, as prior service you'll have life pretty cush. But there's going to be a lot of information you have to absorb in very little time, and if you're not devoted to studying on your own time it may be rough. I have known Soldier's going thru school that were a recycle or a drop because of distractions at home.
Any move of atleast 6 months is a "PCS move." You should be able to bring your family but like others have warned, you might want to wait. It depends on you but, you will need to study a lot for a course like that and it might not be worth moving your family for only 6 months. I believe the wait list is very long for most housing there also.

But if you're set on bringing them there, call the housing office now to see if you can be put on the wait list by faxing them orders and your DD Form 1172 (DEERS). Some privatized housing lets you do that while others require you to be signed into the post before you can be put on. Anything you want to do, MAKE SURE IT SAYS IT IN YOUR ORDERS or you won't be authorized. Hope this helps a little.

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