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I am a Staff Sergeant in the Alabama National Guard, and I have a primary MOS of 74D. I have been told that it is a critical skills MOS because of the UIC that I fall under. I extended for a year in FEB09, and I think I can re-up in OCT09 (please let me know how off I am). I am currently deployed in a combat theatre, and I want to know what my bonus will be if I re-up over here. Can anyone help me with an answer?
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Disclaimer: I'm an Army Reserve career counselor. I'm pretty sure these rules are the same between components, but best to check with your assigned reup guys.

74D is a critical MOS, this is indifferent to your UIC.

Since you extended you are a careerist. Your reenlistment bonus under current SRIP is $5000 for 3 years, $10000 for 6.

Reenlistment window is 12 months prior to ETS.

Take the effective date of your current DD form 4, add the term of service (from the DD 4/1) subtract 1 day, add the terms of your extensions individually, subtract 1 year, add 1 day. The result is your Earliest Date of Reenlistment (EDOR)

For example: if you initially enlisted in February 22nd 2001 on a 6X2 contract, extended for a year, then your EDOR would be February 22nd of 2009.

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