Hello everybody, Bradmeister here and I'm laying down some rules:

First:First: Make sure when you post that you use the proper forum. This will ensure that the right people see and receive the right information. If your post applies to several forums, then you may (at your discretion) post in all apropriate forums. If your post does not apply to the forum it is in, it will be moved to the apporopriate forum. If there is already a post in that forum also, it will be deleted.

Second: We have a lot of "lurkers" (or as we prefer to call them, guests) that read our forums. Remember this when you are posting or replying to a post. We pride ourselves on being professional, and in fact we are more professional than the AKO forums. Case in point: there was a post on the AKO forums about how a Soldier didn't want to go to Iraq, and 23 PAGES of replys calling him a baby, a whiner, STFU and such. And these were other Soldiers saying this. 23 pages; we are better than that. Don't turn off a future SMA because you want to start a pissing contest.

Third: Everyone here has had different experiences with different subjects and different units. Just because the person giving information is a Private does not mean it should be discounted. Once in awhile, Privates do know something we NCO's don't. Also, just because someone did something in a different way than you did and still succeeded, does not mean they made anyting up. Again, we are a very unique set of people here, and we are here to learn from each other, to help each other, and to help anyone else who feels they can't get in anywhere else.

Thank you for listening,
your friendly neighborhood admin
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