Recieved a P3 for cavaties? Any info

So i was disqualified from my physical for having more then 4 cavaties. They gave me a p3(Permanant disqualification). This is a temporary problem that can be fixed, wondering if theres any reason i would get a p3 over a t3 for it? And if theres anything i can do, as far as i know a p3 means im disqualified for all branches of the army permanently.
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These are PDQ, issues with the teeth
-Not enough healthy teeth to adequately chew a normal diet, or
-Insufficient natural healthy teeth and lack of a serviceable prosthesis; or
-Dental implant systems that are not successfully osseointegrated and completed

You can get your teeth fixed and come back in and try again , there are waivers out there for medical conditions
Thats odd, i got DQD for "Exessive dental disease" Which is 2 cavaties on my front teeth, and 4 on my mohlers? The doctor at meps told me it wouldnt be a problem to get a waiver for it, that i could probably even get it that day. But my recruiter wouldnt even send out for a waiver, he said i need to get it all fixed then come back.

My problem is I am trying to ship out within 1-2 weeks so i can be back in december to witness the birth of my child. So im wondering why my recruiter wouldnt at least try to get a waiver now, and if i need to get them fixed first then i can do that.

Either way im going to the dentist today to get them looked at and get x rays.

Just wondering if maybe my recruiter doesnt really know what hes doing? Maybe i should talk to another recruiter? He also didnt include enough information in my packet he sent me with so i had to get waivers signed for some tickets and had to fill out more paper work at meps.
The Recruiter might be new, inexperienced, or just busy. Right now enlistments are WAY UP, so MAYBE if they can find someone else who is less work, they'll pursue enlisting them rather than you.

The waiver might take a while. I sent in paperwork and waited a week or two.
I went back to MEPS w/ my recruiter the last day of the month, it took ALL DAY to get the waiver done, and I assume the recruiter REALLY NEEDED to get me into the army to meet his enlistment goal for the month..
Ive already been told by my recruiter that he is already over his enlistment quota. So basically ill probably get tossed aside untill they need people then he will come calling?

Well im going to get my teeth fixed and go from there i guess. Just hope im not wasting thousands of dollars on dental work without insurance to get denied a waiver. That would be the bell of the ball, thanks for the answers.
I have been to MEPS twice for medical, the second time was just a review where I sat down with the doc and said nothing else has changed, but they have NEVER even asked me about my teeth or closely examined them.

Were they supposed to and could this be something where I show up to BCT and have too many cavities and they send me back home? That would be crazy...
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Last year applied but was rejected due to cavity in 3 teeth, which unfortunately then I have to remove and now I have fixed those missing teeth with dental implants. Hope not been rejected at this time because of dental health.

Curious, why would that be an issue? Does it hinder what you would be doing when you are on the job?
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