Okay, I'm getting ready to leave for Basic at Ft. Jackson and I have a couple of questions.
First of all, what is the policy for recruits recieving mail from home? Also, where does my family address letters for me to get them?

My second question is there any limit to who will be addmitted to my BCT Graduation? Can only my wife and parents come or can extended family and friends come also?

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First, congrats on deciding to join the military. I applaud your service to your country. Yes you will be to recieve mail in basic training. Your Drill Sergeants will give you that information in due time. Most of the time, after about 2 weeks, they'll give you the address to send to your family where you'll be able to recieve mail from your family. As for as graduation, when I was in basic back in 05' all of my family that could make it down to Georgia was there. What my Drill Sergeants had did was gave us brochures to mail off to our family members as for as what hotels and etc.. was in the area. Hope this helps Good Luck in basic!
We got the mailing address after 2-3 days.
(You are in "reception" until then, you don't want the Army to try and forward your mail- it will get to you after you're done with basic and at AIT.. Wink )

ANYONE can come to graduation. You'll get the info you need later on from the Drill Sgts.

IF you are going to AIT somewhere close to where you go to Basic Training your family can stick around and even drive you to AIT. (ie you could drive it in 6hrs or less.) If you're coming to Ft Gordon, you can even stay with the family (at a hotel) from Friday thru Sunday.

Good luck- follow instructions, work hard, don't make your battle buddies mad, and you'll find it a rewarding time.

-AIT Instructor

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