I like being a 42a, and i know ppl talk down on us, saying we arent important and stuff. Trust me, i work in a BN full of 21B's and thats all i hear. Even my CO says, "how hard can it be, ur just typing?!" (which is so not tru by the way) We are obviously important because i am currently TRYING to get out of my unit but they wont let me go because they called me an "essential". Not to bring anybody down, but i've had a few bravos come in and not even know how to use a shredder. lol.

my BN is deployed and we are the only company to stay back out of them, so the BN rear D is composed of everything BUT 42a's. And i've had to train them so they could learn S1 functions for when my company deploys and theyre alone. The other day i had the NCOIC, an E7 21B pull me to the side and tell me how he ever regrets talking down on 42a's because its nowhere as easy as it seems and he wants to thank me for doing the job.

But, as much as i like my job, i want to try out other MOS's that the army has to offer. I wasnt to become as knowledgeable in as many jobs as possible for when i get out of the army. I need suggestions.
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Human Resources in the civilian world can pay good money.

I am a 42A too, I worked for MPs, Infantry and now Signal...let me tell you the MPs are the best (IMHO) at knowing how much they need you and they take care of you.

It was funny when I had 5 MPs trying to fix a copy machine, and I went in pressed two buttons and it worked hehehehe...

I dont care what people say that all we are is paper pushers, oh well, I know that when they need something now we are the experts LOL...

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